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Spring Cleaning

03 . 28 . 16

Everyone is talking about spring cleaning right now but I’m more interested in spring decluttering. The minimal apartment I rented in Paris already had me thinking about about an overhaul of my New York apartment. Then I looked back at this Houston home designed by Bruce Budd that sealed the deal. I love how he creates full interiors […]

A goal for many each New Year’s is to declutter and minimize. While I was getting a head start on that stack of World of Interiors magazines, I came across this minimally inspiring home in Berlin again. The space belongs to freelance luxury design consultant Gerald Schmorl and while I posted it over a year ago, […]

I was cleaning out another stack of old magazines recently when I came across Lisa Jackson’s old apartment.  It was funny timing since I had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday.  She no longer lives in that apartment but she does still have her minimal chic home in Southampton that she shares with her family.  I […]