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Simply Chic Wedding

by habituallychic

09 . 07 . 15

I’m a huge fan of understated weddings and Chloe Malle’s recent nuptials to Graham Albert were a chic and simple affair.  Although there is nothing simple about planning a wedding in France even if it is at your family’s own house as Chloe’s mother Candice Bergen pointed out. I loved seeing some of the photos on Chloe’s Instagram the day of the event but now Vogue.com has complete coverage of the event.

The house in question is Le Coual, the 16th-century stone house in Southwestern France that her father Louis Malle bought 50 years ago. It was where Chloe spent her summers growing up and holds special meaning. Chloe, wearing Oscar de la Renta, and Graham were even married in the same village town hall in which her parents were married.

The reception at Le Coual was also meant to reflect a bal champêtre, or a country village picnic so Chloe found vintage bistro chairs and thad cafe lights strung above the tables covered in fabric from Carolina Irving Textiles. The painted tin plates were from Au Bain Marie in Paris. Menus were painted by Happy Menocal.

It’s definitely a wedding to go into the inspiration folder.

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