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Coming Soon: Missoni for Target

by habituallychic

05 . 05 . 11
Just received the exciting news that Target is partnering with Italian luxury brand Missoni to introduce an affordable, limited-edition collection for fashion and home. It will include apparel and accessories for women, men, girls and baby, as well as home goods including bedding, dinnerware, stationery and décor items. The prices will range from $2.99 to $599.99, with most items less than $40.  Missoni for Target will be available Sept. 13 through Oct. 22, 2011 at all Target stores and Target.com.
“Our collection for Target embodies Missoni’s values of family, color and quality,” said creative director Angela Missoni. “It has been a fantastic experience translating our aesthetic into an affordable line, one we are eager to share with families across the United States.”

“The Missoni family has established one of the world’s most creative brands, and together we’ve created a collection that will have guests lining up outside their local Target in anticipation,” said Kathee Tesija, executive vice president of merchandising, Target. “Our collection with Missoni offers more than 400 compelling products for every aspect of guests’ busy lives, all at incredible prices, and provides Target with a unique point of differentiation for the fall season.”

I’m attending the preview next week and will definitely keep you posted on what’s to come from Missoni for Target! Can’t wait!

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  1. abode love May 5, 2011 | 2:43 pm

    You just MADE my day! I cannot WAIT to see what will be available…. Thanks for sharing this oh-so-exciting news!


  2. Christina May 5, 2011 | 3:03 pm

    Please do! I am super excited for this!

  3. meenal bishnoi May 5, 2011 | 3:21 pm

    that sounds amazing..look forward to you review..thanks for sharing, heather..today i have shared some images of my daughter’s room( that i recently decorated) on my blog..i would really love you to check it out..xx meenal

  4. Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ May 5, 2011 | 4:08 pm

    u have NO IDEA how excited i am – i’m running right to the “home” dept in Target when it comes in – i hear dinnerware, sheets, ect – i hope it’s AMAZING stuff n not cheapy crap — sometimes when they do the collabs the stuff they put in Target aren’t made so well .. i’m praying for AWESOME!

  5. Style Never Sleeps May 5, 2011 | 4:10 pm

    I saw this mentioned on Twitter yesterday, is this image a sneak peek? I can’t wait to see what they come up with especially in home design – I was a little disappointed by Calypso, there were so little accessories & what not. Can’t wait!

  6. Big Hug Studio May 5, 2011 | 4:52 pm

    This is really good news. I just wish they had Target in Canada.

  7. Hellohello baby May 5, 2011 | 5:13 pm

    Aaawww! I can’t wait! So happy that you will keep us posted.

    Mean while I will figure out how I can place orders on Target.com.

  8. annie May 5, 2011 | 5:36 pm

    Wow! I’m putting that date on my calendar. It seems with things like this it’s gone as soon as it makes it to the store!

  9. Nest Studio May 5, 2011 | 6:00 pm

    This looks exciting, but I have to agree with the comment above. I was a bit underwhelmed by Calypso’s collection. So I guess we will wait and see.

  10. Diane James Home May 5, 2011 | 6:30 pm

    Target does it again – bringing great design to the masses and making us all stylish at a price we can afford. Lucky you to get a preview!

  11. Gifts By Katherine May 6, 2011 | 12:06 am

    I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I would like to follow along but couldn’t find the follow link. I’ve added you to my bookmarks! Wishing oyu happiness, Katherine

  12. DALLIANCE May 6, 2011 | 2:03 am

    SO EXCITED!!! I just went to see the Calypso line and bought these wonderful moroccan style glasses. And the crazy thing is the sale started May 1st, I went May 3rd and half of the Calypso stuff was sold out already! Target has really done something great with these designer introductions for less. I’m marking my calendar for Missoni!! Thank You!

  13. LiveLikeYou May 6, 2011 | 2:44 pm

    Soon there will be no need to shop anywhere else!!

  14. NYC, Style and a little Cannoli May 6, 2011 | 11:45 pm

    I just loove Target and Missoni as well …this will fly off the shelves! I will have to purchase online as my local target probably won’t get much of the merchandise. thanx for the heads up!