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Vacancy at Versailles

by habituallychic

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Visiting Château de Versailles is a magical yet exhausting experience.  You can’t possibly see it all in one day, as much as you may try.  While there are lovely hotels in the town to extend your visit, there is none that will be as conveniently located as the proposed Hôtel du Grand Contrôle which is actually part of the Versailles complex.  The mansion was built in 1684 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart and traditionally housed the treasury.  It will be renovated by the Belgian company Ivy International SA who has a lot of work to do on the deteriorated building.  Once open in 2011, the 23 room hotel will overlook the Orangerie and ornamental lake and might just make you feel like Marie Antoinette.  Just don’t tell the staff to eat cake!

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  1. Luciane From HomeBunch.com December 16, 2010 | 2:12 pm

    Oh, what a place!!

    I am in need of inspiration, of relaxation and everything in between. Don’t you find yourself exhausted at the end of the year? I’m feeling that way! 🙂

    This would be a dream!!!

    Thanks, Heather!

    Btw, if you can, go take a look at my post today. It’s about Stylish, yet comfortable bedrooms and sitting areas.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. Tabitha December 16, 2010 | 4:21 pm

    I’ve just returned from Paris but this will be going on my list for next time.

  3. Jenna December 16, 2010 | 8:13 pm

    I’m sure this hotel will be spectacular! Just returned from Paris in October and still can’t get the gardens of Versailles off my mind. I’ll be keeping my eye out for photos when it’s complete!

  4. Brilliant Asylum December 17, 2010 | 4:55 pm

    For once, I am glad that I have not yet been to Versailles. Putting a stay at this hotel on my bucket list. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Beth December 17, 2010 | 6:57 pm

    I spent a week in Versailles the end of October. I simply feel in love with the palace and grounds as well as the lovely town. I don’t think it is possible to take a bad picture. Your columns gave me inspiration to do this alone. My French was adequate and I stayed at the Palace Trianon, which added to the royal spirit. I took the train to Chartres to see the Cathedral and on Sunday I took the train into Paris to see the Musee Nissem de Carmondo . They are collector’s of 18th French Furniture, Sevres China, Golblein Tapestries and wonderful paintings. The audio tape was so helpful to add to my store of information. I recommend your reader’s make Versailles the centerpiece of a trip. It was heavenly. And your blog was a great help. Thank you