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Lighten Up: Part Deux

05 . 08 . 13

Despite the monsoon that flooded down on New York this morning, I’m still trying to lighten up my apartment and wardrobe for summer.  Although the unspoken rule is that you can’t wear white until after Memorial Day, I think we all know that rules were meant to be broken. Enjoy! I need to find sunglasses […]

Pretty Pictures

04 . 23 . 12

There is no reason for posting these photos than I think they are pretty.  I definitely have a look that I like and I hope you enjoy them too. They all came from tumblr where photo credits are few and far between .  If you know where any photos originated, please let me know and […]

The mood board that I posted yesterday with the Rothko painting reminded me of Allison Sarofim’s amazing West Village townhouse. I just came across the article about it that I ripped out of the February 2004 issue of Vogue so it was perfect timing. I was under the impression that David Netto had designed the […]