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Historic Racing Club

03 . 15 . 09

I have a friend who’s dream it is to drive around Europe in a classic car so the Historic Racing Club seems perfect for him! Each year, they drive vintage cars around “the breathtaking landscape that surrounds Gardone Riviera and Mantua” Italy. This year the race takes place April 16-19 and is only open to […]

Bon Voyage!

08 . 30 . 07

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend no matter where you are going or how you get there!

Oh, here I go again with two of my favorite things, the color orange and vintage cars, all wrapped into one adorable package. Tina Turner is sitting in one the cutest little cars ever made, a Fiat 500 Jolly. I LOVE these cars and when I’m rich enough to afford a villa in the South […]