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Lovely in Los Angeles

02 . 12 . 12

Today marks the day of the very first presentation of Skaist-Taylor, the new fashion line by former Juicy Couture founders Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash Taylor.  I can’t wait to see their new line which is said to be closer to their own high fashion look.  Until then, I thought it would be fun to […]

The Other Juicy House

10 . 06 . 08

I have a lot of readers who live outside the US so I thought they and others who don’t read Bazaar might be interested to see the other Juicy abode. This one is a 1939 Georgian colonial in Beverly Hills that had more than a little help from interior designer Peter Dunham to pull it […]

I never quite get as much done as I think I will over the weekend which includes cleaning out my old magazines. I was trying to get rid of the ginormous September fashion mags to make room for the November issues that are already arriving but I only managed to go through a few. Luckily, […]