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One of my favorite people on Instagram is Madrid based interior designer Lorenzo Castillo. His feed @lorenzocastillofe is filled with photos of his design projects and his homes. While many of them have been featured in magazines, his own photos show different angeles and areas not always seen in publications. I especially love his art collection […]

Almost exactly a year ago I posted a different incarnation of this apartment in Madrid belonging to Santiago Castillo in More to Love in Madrid.  And almost exactly a year before that I posted the home of his brother, the interior designer Lorenzo Castillo, in Chic in Madrid.  Funny how those things happen.  I think this might be […]

When I posted the photo above of a room designed by Lorenzo Castillo, I wondered where one would find wicker bull heads.  I assumed it was France or Spain and that was probably the case until recently. Jayson Home now offers both a small and large version below.  Not exactly sure where I would put it […]

More to Love in Madrid

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Every search on the internet ends in a trip down the rabbit hole but it usually turns out for the best.  That’s how I found this duplex apartment in Madrid designed by one of my favorite designers Lorenzo Castillo.  From what I can gather from my limited Spanish, it might be for his brother Santiago […]

The “Lady Luxe” spread from yesterday’s post was shot in two places designed by Lorenzo Castillo.  The Hotel Santo Mauro and his showroom/home in Madrid, Spain.  I really need to learn Spanish so I can read more about this talented interior designer but from what I can gather, he is also an antiques dealer and […]