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I’ve seen fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin’s former apartment in the Musée des Arts Decoratifs but I didn’t realize her office had also been preserved for posterity. Lanvin has opened the usually closed off space in honor of the house’s 125th anniversary. As you can see, it hasn’t changed much since she was painted in it by Edouard Vuillard […]

Lanvin Lives On

01 . 04 . 11

Did you know that fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin’s grandson is an interior designer in Moscow?  Neither did I until yesterday.  I love when creativity runs in a family.  I also love that Jean-Yves Lanvin’s apartment isn’t as over the top as I’ve come to expect from Russian design but I guess that’s because he’s French.  You […]

One of my favorite things from Paris was viewing the reconstructed apartment of fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs. It consists of her boudoir, chambre de coucher and salle de bain that were designed for her by Armand Albert Rateau for her apartment at 16, rue Barbet-de-Jouy in Paris in . […]