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Fall 2018 Book Brigade

10 . 02 . 18

I’m going to have to make more room on my bookshelves for all the new design and coffee table books out this fall. I’ve already received advance copies of some of them and they are all interesting and inspiring. Some are traditional monographs from interior designers and others delve into original topics which means there […]

Paris Pied-à-Terre

05 . 09 . 18

In another fit of spring cleaning, I decided to get rid of more magazines. I was going to throw out a stack of World of Interiors until I started to leaf through them. I came across this beautiful Paris pied-à-terre designed by Isabel López-Quesada that I don’t remember seeing before. The owners asked the interior designer […]

After this weekend, I think we can all use a vacation. In lieu of that, I give you some pretty pictures of a country house in Spain by Isabel López-Quesada. I don’t have any details about the home but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I especially love the rattan covered tub in one […]

Greece is the Word

08 . 04 . 16

According to Instagram, Greece is one of the most popular places for travel this summer. After seeing this family compound that Isabel López-Quesada designed with architect Nikos Moustroufis designed on the island of Spetses, it’s easy to see why. The base of blue floor and white walls perfectly complements the color of the water and buildings of […]

Marvelous in Madrid

03 . 01 . 16

I’m getting ready for my flight to Paris tonight but I’m already thinking about where I want to go next.  I’ve never been to Spain so that’s a top contender. It would mean I could also meet one of my favorite designers, Isabel Lopez Quesada, who designed this country house. I love that it looks […]

Naturally Chic

10 . 24 . 11

I came across this very chic home in Spain designed by Isabel Lopez Quesada.  I love the rustic wood and natural touches like the river stones above.  Definitely looks like a mix of Belgian and Swedish design than anything Spanish but it seems to work. I’m surprised we don’t see more of this talented interior […]

If you haven’t already visited Spanish interior designer Isabel López-Quesada‘s website, then I encourage you to give yourself plenty of time once you do.  I could spend hours looking at all of her fabulous interiors and exteriors.  If Elle Decor hasn’t already featured her, I highly suggest they book the next flight to Madrid because […]

A Mystery Solved

08 . 05 . 10

A big thanks go out to Christina at Full House for letting me know that the bookshelves I posted yesterday were from Nuevo Estilo and to Gracia who completed the puzzle by letting me they were designed by Isabel López-Quesada.  I absolutely love the blue sofa and mirrored wall just as much as the lacquered […]