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The thing that really gets me down about rainy days is not being able to find a cab.  On the plus side, they do give you an excuse to wear a chic raincoat.  Rainy days certainly seem to agree with Kate Middleton. If they don’t agree with you, just remember… “Upon us all, upon us […]

Get Your Game On

03 . 13 . 10

We’re expecting rain and high winds here in New York all weekend so that has me thinking about what I can do that doesn’t involve leaving my apartment. Other than reading and watching television, board games are a another good rainy day activity. I grew up playing backgammon but haven’t played in years so I […]

It has been raining a lot in New York the last few days but it has also been raining good things in my life. I have so many fabulous things to share with all of you but I need a few more says until I can reveal them all. I’ve also been working myself to […]