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Planning for LA

03 . 15 . 10

I had a few readers ask if I was going to post my outfits for LA like I did for my trip to Paris and since I’m still not exactly sure what I should be wearing, I start planning them out! These outfits are my first run through of options that I think will work. […]

Packing for Paris

09 . 02 . 09

I just wrestled my ginormous suitcase out of the closet and I’m about to start filling it. You really didn’t think I was going to go to Paris for five and a half days with a carry on did you? I can barely pack everything for a short weekend in one! I really thought I […]

Planning for Paris

08 . 22 . 09

I’m a notorious overpacker but that’s mostly because I always like extra options. One of the best ways to avoid overpacking is to plan out all your outfits in advance. This is especially helpful if you are attending an event like a wedding where don’t want to forget your special shoes and accessories. In an […]