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Dreaming of Spring

02 . 28 . 14

It’s currently 10 degrees in New York right now.  That’s Fahrenheit not Celsius.  It feels like it’s never going to warm up but maybe if I start buying more spring clothes it will come. As usual, I’m loving all the options from Emerson Fry. Although I saw a lot of girls wearing white jeans during […]

Is It Spring Yet?!

02 . 11 . 14

This has been the coldest and snowiest winter I’ve ever experienced in New York and possibly in my entire life.  Needless to say, I am ready for Spring.  Heck, I’d take 40 degrees at this point.  Until that arrives, I’m going to keep looking at photos or gardens, flowers, and anything green to keep me […]

New York is a wet and slushy mess today.  I thank my lucky stars that my morning commute is from my bed to my desk.  I still can’t completely escape the grey skies and black and white landscape though.  Here’s how it’s inspiring me today.  Place de la Madeleine – Rue de la Paix Paris […]

Resort Ready

01 . 08 . 14

Fingers crossed that Jet Blue is back up and running for my flight to the Dominican Republic this morning. After dealing the the “polar vortex” of single digit temperatures in New York, 80 degrees is going to feel like a dream. I’ll be meeting up with my friend Abigail at her family’s resort Hotel La […]

Winter Wonderland

12 . 18 . 13

It snowed again this week in New York.  It’s putting everyone in the holiday mood even more but the constant 27 degree temperature is getting a bit hard to take. One of my friends asked me if I wanted to travel somewhere warm after New Year’s and I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  Until that […]

Skirting the Issue

04 . 08 . 13

The temperature in New York is headed into the 70’s this week.  Hallelujah!  That means we women, and a few men, can all pull a skirt out our closet and wear it with bare legs and maybe even some sandals.  There is something about a full flirty skirt that seems so perfect for spring too. […]

Chic in Palm Springs

12 . 15 . 10

I was going to post something else this morning but after I woke to 20 degree temperatures, I thought we could all use a little warmth.  These photos of the  Louis Vuitton 2011 Cruise collection were taken by Mark Segel at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs and makes me want to book a trip […]