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Does it feel like it’s harder to be happy these days? Between the pandemic and the constant negative news cycle, I feel like I have to constantly work on being happy because it’s easy to get brought down by it all each day. I posted this list of 12 Things Happy People Do Differently over […]

Happy Travels

09 . 27 . 15

I’m currently wrapping up my whirlwind trip to Milan and will be heading to Venice Monday morning.  I’ve seen so many beautiful things in Milan and had a really great time and will hopefully blog about them soon. I remember reading this interesting article on Dr. Boardman’s site Positive Prescription about how just the anticipation of a trip can […]

Hello Yellow

01 . 21 . 15

I keep seeing yellow everywhere I look online lately. Maybe it’s a reaction to the grey and cold winter months but it is a cheerful and hopeful color. According to Sensational Color, the color yellow “shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. Yellow will advance […]

Happy Days

12 . 29 . 11

Photographer Sophie Elgort linked to this article on twitter and I thought it was definitely worth posting here.  As we start the New Year thinking about how we can be more organized or on time, perhaps we should start by working on being happy.  Most of my friends will attest that I’m a pretty happy glass half […]


01 . 27 . 10

I was catching up on my fashion magazines while I was at the hair salon last night and I kept noticing articles about happiness. This has been a been a big topic of conversation among my friends this year since we all believe that having a positive attitude is the key to happiness and also […]