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I’ve never been one of those people who wear sweatpants on a plane.  You never know who you might see or which handsome man you might be lucky enough to sit next to so it’s important to look your best. As I prepare for my November trip to London and Paris, I’ve already started setting […]

Studying Sara

09 . 20 . 13

Last night’s panel with Domaine Home was rollicking good fun and I very much enjoyed chatting with Sara Ruffin Costello who was also on the panel with me. We’ve crossed paths before but never really had a chance to talk.  Now that she’s living in New Orleans, those chances are few and far between so […]

If you are attending What’s New What’s Next events on Thursday at the New York Design Center, please make sure you stop by for my panel discussion. I will be speaking with Domaine Home editorial director Mat Sanders, Sara Ruffin Costello, Nick Olsen, and Mark Phillips at the Phillips showroom about design today We’re a funny […]

Dazzling Domaine

04 . 30 . 13

I’ve mentioned that it was coming and I am happy to announce that Domaine Home is finally live! Hooray! Give yourself plenty of time to check out this new home site from the founders of Who What Wear, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr.  Helmed by magazine alum Mat Sanders, it’s chock full of fabulous decor, […]

I’ve been reading Who What Wear since they launched in 2006 so it was a huge treat to be able to meet the founders and tour their offices when I was in Los Angeles last month.  Even more exciting was visiting the fashion closet.  As we all know, everyone thinks that the fashion world revolves […]