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European Eclectic

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I had planned to work on this post from the plane yesterday but the wifi had other ideas.  That’s what I get for flying Delta instead of Virgin America.  But I digress.  I was catching up on my magazine reading when I noticed how much I loved Harper’s Bazaar UK editor Kim Hersov’s London home […]

Wrap It Up: Part Deux

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Besides a place in Paris, Christian Astuguevieille also maintains another workshop and home in Bayonne, France. You can read more about it and him here.  Photographs by Jean-François Jaussaud

Wrap It Up

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I was excited to come across the name of a designer who was new to me yesterday.  Christian Astuguevieille has been the head of a fashion house, a perfumer, a sculptor, a painter, a craftsman, and a designer of jewelry and furniture. He works in a nineteenth century space in Paris that is “a world of […]