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Celine Soulmate

02 . 23 . 13

Celine bags aren’t just loved by the ladies. I found the wonderful blog We Could Grow Up Together after spying the photo of one of his Celine bags above somewhere on the internets.  The author, Kwannam Chu,  is a peripatetic photographer and creative director who chronicles his life, travels and work in his own unique […]

Chic at Fashion Week

02 . 17 . 11

I was telling someone recently that I will never be photographed by one of the fashion week street photographers.  I don’t wear “fierce” shoes as my friend Jessica calls them or crazy outfits but that doesn’t mean I can’t photograph some of them.  I recognized French style blogger Garance Doré when I was leaving the […]

Vote Early and Often!

08 . 05 . 10

I was honored to be one of the bloggers and editors asked to style a model in Tory Burch denim last night at the designers chic Meatpacking District store. My look along with the others are now up for view on the Tory Burch Facebook page where you can vote for your favorite look. Needless […]

Lucy in the Sky

07 . 21 . 10

Writing a blog is hard work. I can’t imagine how much harder it becomes when you have to style your own outfits, photograph them and them post them everyday! I bow down to the fashion bloggers who regularly put themselves and their outfits on display for public scrutiny! My new favorite is Lucy Laucht. I […]

The Real Slim Paley

01 . 03 . 10

Sometimes you find a blog that is so fantastic that you can’t decide if you want to be the author, their best friend or pack your bags and show up on their doorstep and hope they don’t call the police! I think I can unequivocally say that all three thoughts ran though my mind when […]