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As I sit at my desk trying to work while workers across the street peer into my window, I dream about the day when I have my own office.  Until then, I’m going to continue to drool over Aerin Lauder’s new Jacques Grange designed oasis of chic featured in the June 2012 issue of Architectural […]

Since there were so many lovely tables and I took so many photos, I’m going to split by DIFFA Dining by Design coverage up into a few posts.  Since it’s spring and the Architectural Digest table is full of flowers, I thought I would begin with them. The chairs are from Restoration Hardware and the […]

Epitome of Chic

03 . 22 . 12

It’s always fun to see a home featured in a magazine in which you’ve actually seen in person.  I was lucky enough to be invited to a charity event that was held in the home of Alfredo Parades and Brad Goldfarb that is the cover story for the April issue of Architectural Digest.  Many people […]

Double RL and O

05 . 18 . 11

I have appointments and client shopping to do today but I hope I can make it home by 4:00pm to watch Oprah.  She’ll be interviewing Ralph Lauren at his Double RL ranch in Telluride, Colorado, pictured here.  Apparently, it’s his first television interview in 20 years and quite a coup for Oprah’s final season.  Enjoy! […]

You’ve Got Malle

04 . 27 . 11

I fell in love with French perfumer Frederic Malle‘s New York apartment the moment I saw it featured in Men’s Vogue back in February 2008.  The dining room above is one of my all time favorite rooms.  It epitomizes the perfect mix of sleek and modern in the form of the Platner table and Sean […]

Sleek in the City

03 . 29 . 11

There was something about the Traina’s home that I posted yesterday that reminded me of this New York apartment.  It belongs to eccentric fashionista Daphne Guinness and was designed with Daniel Romualdez who she said got what she wanted right away.  It was featured in the March issue of Archtechtural Digest and is a clear […]

I had intended to post these photos of the new spring Ralph Lauren Home rooms at the Ladies Mansion yesterday but my computer had other ideas.  It actually worked out perfectly because now I can not only post photos of the gorgeous rooms but tell you about the chic soiree I attended there last night.  […]

I had the pleasure of attending a lunch at the Condé Nast Building today for an exclusive preview of the new Architectural Digest.  Margaret Russell walked a small group of us through the new features that debut in the March 2011 issue.  I can tell you without a doubt that you are going to love […]

We finally have the announcement that we’ve been waiting months to hear!  Margaret “Peggy” Russell is leaving Elle Decor to become the Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest!  I think this means that we won’t be seeing Cher or Michael Jackson on the cover ever again!  Woo hoo!  Congratulations Peggy!  Now we just have to […]

Rumor has it…

08 . 16 . 09

I heard a rumor this morning that Paige Rense is retiring or being retired as the editor of Architectural Digest. I don’t normally like to post rumors but this one comes from a very reliable source. David Patrick Colombia of New York Social Diary posted this information on Facebook yesterday and said they want YOUNG! […]

I have made it a point to try to always be positive on my blog but this week I’m having a hard time, especially after the news about House and Garden. While I would never negatively critique someone else’s decorating style, I feel that in light of this week’s discussion about shelter magazines in the […]