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Chic Soiree and Spring at Ralph Lauren

by habituallychic

03 . 04 . 11
I had intended to post these photos of the new spring Ralph Lauren Home rooms at the Ladies Mansion yesterday but my computer had other ideas.  It actually worked out perfectly because now I can not only post photos of the gorgeous rooms but tell you about the chic soiree I attended there last night.  Ralph Lauren, the man and the store, graciously hosted a lovely cocktail party to celebrate editor in chief Margaret Russell and the new Architectural Digest and it was definitely the party of the year so far.
Not only was everyone in the design world of New York in attendance but many came from out of town to celebrate with Margaret.  Some of the attendees included Charlotte Moss, looking beautiful in black Ralph Rucci; legendary decorator Mario Buatta; architect Richard Meier; Jesse Carrier, who as I suspected will be decorating Jay Fielden’s new office at Town & Country magazine; chic party planner and shop owner Antony Todd, Suzanne Kasler, the sweetest designer ever in town from Atlanta; Darryl Carter in from Washington, DC; and Nathan Turner from Los Angeles.  I did not get to meet Nathan when I was in LA last year so it was a treat to finally meet him in New York.  His new design reality show will debut this spring on Bravo and I can’t wait to watch.  My friend Jessica and I couldn’t let style icon Iris Apfel pass us by without telling her how much we love her style and I couldn’t resist telling Zezé how much I love his flowers.  I think a field trip to his shop is in order soon. 
So, I can tell you a good time was had by all especially since my head is still pounding today.  But more importantly, make sure you stop by the 4th floor of new ladies Ralph Lauren mansion to check out the gorgeous new spring collections for Ralph Lauren Home.  It’s like visiting the chicest home where you can actually buy everything you see.  What could be better than that?!  Bon Weekend!

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

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  1. Braxton and Yancey March 4, 2011 | 2:48 pm

    Has the great RL ever done anything wrong? I’ll answer that…no. Thanks for all the beauty.

  2. Nat March 4, 2011 | 3:21 pm

    I love the old suitcase in front of the bed!

  3. ruffledrose.com March 4, 2011 | 3:23 pm

    Oh I love the draping on the canopy bed! The braided texture is lovely.

  4. Luciane at HomeBunch.com March 4, 2011 | 3:43 pm


    Thank you so much for taking the time to make this warm, elegant and extremely chic post!

    I hope you’re doing great and have a very blessed weekend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    PS: Come take a look at my “Cool or Fool Fridays: Would you live in a “Auto House”? 🙂

  5. Ivy Lane March 4, 2011 | 3:48 pm

    loving the dinnerware and the beautiful tea/coffee service!

  6. Pretty Young Thing March 4, 2011 | 4:07 pm

    I now want to go and completely redesign my bedroom.

    I’m obsessed with that trunk…I’ve been dying to get one just like that!

    Also that first bed room, with the white canopy…I’d never want to leave if that were mine.

    RL never disappoints.

  7. meenal bishnoi March 4, 2011 | 4:14 pm

    What a chic place this is…its giving a very refined plantationestate cum safari vibe to me!!! except for the overy ruffled bed linen on one of the beds…I love everything! thanks for the very chic post, Heather! have a great weekend!!! xx meenal

  8. dCc March 4, 2011 | 4:22 pm

    simply stunning! thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and it sounds like it was a fabulous party!


  9. pve design March 4, 2011 | 4:59 pm

    I enjoyed my days when i worked for Ralph, being surrounded by such luxe ideas and possibilities, he has such great people working for him along with the “midas” touch! Glorious images, I am thinking I need fresh white linens, rattan chargers and some sort of bamboo and zebra for Summer entertaining.

  10. Anthony March 4, 2011 | 5:57 pm

    Absolutely loved loved loved that post. The individual detail shots are exquisite, the explain the ambiance! Am a bit surprised RL didn’t do a blue white story for summer, as while it is expected that they do Blue/white, it is always done in a fresh and unexpected way.
    R L is a true genius and has captured a side of our live here in South Africa that is fresh, enchanting, real and yet new! I wish we had easier access to his products here, as they are totally appropriate, loved and revered.

  11. ROS March 4, 2011 | 6:47 pm

    What a beautiful collection! It is a perfect example of how everything Ralph does is perfection!

  12. Hautezone March 4, 2011 | 8:17 pm

    Hi Heather,

    I spent eiht wonderful years at Ralph Lauren, and never once bored with the store, showroom or residential interiors produced. One is literally transported with the scents and personality of each room.

    The hardest part… being patient for six whole weeks for the next room change. In addition, it is one of the best companies to work for and grown in. We always called it ‘Polo U’!

    Till this day, I still adore Mr. Lauren and everything he stands for. The man has more than talent. He has heart!

    And THAT you feel in each of his enviorments.

    Have a great weekend and see you soon!

  13. Craftiness NOW March 4, 2011 | 9:05 pm

    Thank you for the recap of the party, glad you enjoyed it!

  14. Teresa at Splendid Sass March 5, 2011 | 3:05 am

    Congratulations, Heather, on the book! Great news.
    Also, Ralph Lauren can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. Beautiful as always.

  15. amelangeetmoi March 5, 2011 | 10:24 am

    Hi Heather Fabulous I love everything that he does he has the Midas touch fay xx

  16. SHERRY HART March 5, 2011 | 11:58 am

    Nobody does it better…nobody! He is the king of styling.

  17. Alice March 5, 2011 | 12:06 pm

    What a dream….

  18. Carol March 5, 2011 | 1:26 pm

    RL continues to provide inspiration for me in decorating my home. Consistently fabulous.

  19. jones March 5, 2011 | 3:39 pm

    Hi Heather, Sounds like a super party–thanks for all of the photos. RL’s Spring collection is gorgeous.

  20. Splenderosa March 5, 2011 | 5:27 pm

    Heather, there are NO WORDS…
    except totally awesome!

  21. amourette March 6, 2011 | 2:41 am

    i need that coffee service!

  22. Cat March 6, 2011 | 11:02 pm

    I am obsessed with Ralph Lauren. I wish I could just move in!