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I can’t believe I have just one more week left in Paris. There is so much I will miss and so much I didn’t get to check off my list this summer.  I’m actually glad I didn’t see it all though because it will give me even more incentive to return again soon.  One of […]

Sorry for the light posts this past week.  I was traveling with my friend in London and now I’m showing her the sights of Paris. It’s the start of the August vacances season so the city is pretty quiet right now. Luckily, most all of the stores, cafes, and sights are still open but there […]

I only have a few more weeks left in Paris so I’m trying to pack it all in before I go. I still can’t believe I haven’t made it to all the museums yet.  I’m also headed to London on Saturday for five days to meet up with a friend who will then come back […]

Other than a few thunderstorms early in the week, the weather in Paris has been gorgeous. Everywhere you look, flowers are bursting forth and the city is filled with green. I hope your weekend is just as pretty.  Bon week-end !  Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the newly renovated 18th-century Decorative Arts Galleries at the Louvre that just just reopened to the public. The Louvre was forced to close the galleries that were last updated in the 1960’s to bring them up to current fire and safety codes. Interior designer Jacques Garcia collaborated on […]

There is a french word flâneur which refers to someone who strolls or saunters around with no real purpose.  This is the perfect word to describe my first two weeks in Paris just walking around taking photos and exploring the city. Another definition is an idle man about town. I like to think that the gentleman in […]

I can’t believe I’ve been in Paris for one week now.  It is definitely starting to feel like home and I’m looking forward to exploring every nook and cranny in the months to come. I know many of you are getting ready for the long holiday weekend in the US.  France has a long weekend […]

One of the reasons I planned my move date to Paris in mid May was so I could shop the Brocante de la rue de Bretagne in the Marais this weekend.  I stumbled across it last June and also planned my November trip around it too. These photos are from that visit. While the puces […]

Merci Beaucoup!

04 . 19 . 14

Just want to thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes and to my friend Tim for the beautiful flowers above. Since my birthday fell on Good Friday, I celebrated with my friends Thursday night but I might just keep going for a few more days. Bon weekend!  “Every year on your birthday, you get […]

I’m currently getting ready for another photo shoot in my apartment so I’m leaving you with a few bits and bobs from Instagram.  Bon weekend! I headed downtown on Wednesday when it was finally warm in the city. I love the facade on Vesuvio Bakery and since the guy didn’t seem to be moving, I […]

If anyone needs me tonight, I’ll be at the movie theater with my friends to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. Written and directed by the amazing Wes Anderson, with a little help from artist Hugo Guinness, the “complex caper” film is jam packed with celebrities and the fanciful world we’ve come to expect from Wes. […]

Dreaming of Spring

02 . 28 . 14

It’s currently 10 degrees in New York right now.  That’s Fahrenheit not Celsius.  It feels like it’s never going to warm up but maybe if I start buying more spring clothes it will come. As usual, I’m loving all the options from Emerson Fry. Although I saw a lot of girls wearing white jeans during […]

Weekend Reading

02 . 15 . 14

We’re expecting more snow today so I’m glad I already have a copy of T magazine and lots of March magazines to read this weekend.  T magazine will be included in The New York Times newspaper on Sunday, February 16th.  And don’t forget that WSJ magazine will be in the Wall Street Journal newspaper on […]

Bon Weekend

01 . 24 . 14

As you all know, we’re freezing in New York. That makes me even more excited to pick up the WSJ Magazine on Saturday, January 25th, which features a shoot in sunny Mexico.  Model Andreea Diaconu was photographed at Costa Careyes, “a fantastical realm of art and architecture.”  It’s making me feel warmer already.  Bon Weekend!  […]

Bon Weekend

01 . 17 . 14

When you have only two pennies left in the world,  buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.    – Chinese Proverb The only thing that gets me through winter in New York, besides a warm weather trip, is buying flowers every week.  We’re lucky here to have them available […]

Christmas Chic

12 . 21 . 13

Finding out who designed a room you found on tumblr is like a treasure hunt.  But sometimes it’s worth the effort.  I love the Christmas decorations that David Phoenix used in his 2011 dining room at the Greystone Mansion in Los Angeles.  Most of you who don’t live in the big city can probably find […]

Bon Weekend

11 . 01 . 13

While you all were getting sick eating too much candy last night, I was really sick with a terrible sore throat. While I recover and try to get caught up on my blog posts, enjoy these chic and simple holiday decorations from the Upper East Side.  Remember, pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. Bon weekend!  Photos […]