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Eyeing, Buying, and Trying: August 2023

by habituallychic

08 . 30 . 23

I already posted my What I Bought for Fall post but since then I’ve added a few more pieces. They are some items I posted in my Instagram Stories but since many people won’t go looking for them in my saved Shopping highlights on my bio page, I thought I should post them here as well.

As soon as I saw Sara Foster post herself in this Nita Dress and she said it was cut on the bias, I immediately placed an order. It arrived yesterday and it’s such a good dress for fall. I knew it was going to be long so it will have to be hemmed (If you are tall, you will really love this dress) but it’s incredibly flattering. It’s lined which I didn’t expect which adds to it looking more expensive than the price. I will have to move the snap over or pin the front but I don’t mind making minor adjustments for an off the rack item to fit perfectly. I also think it’s a great day to night dress that can be worn for any occasion. Wear it to work or a lunch with pumps and a leather belt and to evening events with strappy sandals and a clutch. I could even see it being the perfect dress to wear to a European wedding where guests often wear long sleeves and midi hems. Sara told me it will be available soon in cream but I think the navy is a very versatile color. It fits true to size.

I just ordered this Mottled Beige Wool Blend Dress today. It looks like a good option to wear when it’s warm in September in October but you still want to look like you’re dressed for fall.

I posted about the Chunky Pure Cashmere Vneck Sweater but wasn’t going to get it for this fall. Then I realized my crewneck version from last year looked too big. The chunky sweaters are very oversized so you can size down two sizes. I love the color of the undyed cashmere to pair with jeans or grey trousers.

I just took the navy version of this Double Faced Wool Coat from last year to my tailor to have the sleeves hemmed. If you are tall, you will love this coat. It’s very similar to ‘S Max Mara but at a much better price. I already posted the grey but now it’s also available in cream and black.

I was a little frustrated the last week because people keep asking me for things I’ve already posted and in many cases, I had posted them multiple times. A few people were looking for non-wool sweaters and I already posted the Crewneck Forever Sweater and V-neck Forever Sweater on the blog and in my Stories. They are the perfect sweater to wear back to the office with a skirt or under a suit. They can also be washed and don’t require drycleaning. They are such a good price that you can buy them in multiple colors.

This Voluminous Skirt is a great basic with pockets that I bought in both colors. It’s another one for tall girls so they are currently with my tailor. I will wear them with the Crewneck Forever Sweater and V-neck Forever Sweater above.

I purchased the brown Leather Trimmed Suede Point-Toe Flats to wear with grey skirts and pants this fall. You can find a few more sizes here but they are selling out fast. If you don’t see your size, you can try them in beige leather or black leather. They are very comfortable and fit true to size.

This is the time to start taking things to your tailor, cobbler, and other experts before they experience the fall onslaught. I have loved my burgundy Khaite Osa Tote except for the fact that it only had a pouch and not a pocket. I always found myself having to dig to the bottom to find my keys so I had my shoe repair place sew the pouch into the top of the bag. Problem solved. I’ve already used it twice this week and it’s a game changer. The same place also services all my watches and repairs my jewelry.

Gabriela Hearst has two new perfumes, Paysandú Perfume and New York Perfume, that she created with Fueguia 1833 and based on her upbringing in Uruguay and her life in NYC. I am going to head over to the boutique tomorrow to smell them. New York sounds like it would be perfect for me.

I’ve been converted to the new Russian Manicure which is done dry with tools instead of water. I can’t tell you where I go because they never have appointments available and their long standing clients will kill me if I make it any more busy but you can find them in other salons. They are sometimes referred to as European Manicures now. They use a special gel that really lasts but my only issue is that I haven’t found the perfect pink-nude shade yet. (You don’t have to send me your shade of OPI, or Essie, or Shellac because they don’t use any of those brands. This is a special Russian Manicure gel brand.) If you can find a salon, I highly recommend trying this manicure. My cuticles have never looked so good. It’s expensive but it lasts for weeks so I don’t have to worry about chips or dulling.

It’s also time to get all your beauty appointments scheduled for September. I had my highlights done last week and a Clear and Brilliant laser yesterday. I will get my haircut later this week and a new Russian Manicure next week just in time for fashion week.

The copy of Sofia Coppola Archive that I pre-ordered arrived today. I’m not completely disappointed but do wish that it was a hardcover since the soft cover will certainly become damaged. I also ordered a signed copy and it was inserted all the way at the end on a small piece of paper. The signature looks printed and not actually signed which feels deceptive. I’m very surprised that she didn’t work with a major art house publisher who could have produced a nicer book.

One of my secret weapons for travel, 90 degree weather, and feeling under the weather is Liquid IV. I love their Lemon Lime flavor that makes drinking water enjoyable. I love that the little pouches can be thrown in your bag and easily be poured into a bottle of water. I’ve tried other brands and this one is hands down my favorite. They make sugar free options now too.

I might post on Friday but since I haven’t taken any time off this month, I will definitely be enjoying some downtime for the long Labor Day weekend. Please save any questions until Tuesday.