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What I’m Packing for Paris

by habituallychic

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I’ve had a lot of questions about what I plan to pack for my Thanksgiving trip to Paris. Even though I don’t leave for five weeks, I’ve been trying to get my wardrobe in order so I’m not racing around at the last minute. I’m very glad I started early too because the tailor I usually use is now taking two weeks instead of one.

The moodboard above is my inspiration jumping off point. I won’t know exactly what to pack until closer to departure because of the weather. It was freezing one year when I went in November but it was much warmer than usual this spring so I don’t know what to expect yet. I am going to try really hard not to overpack this time too so I don’t have to buy another suitcase to get home like I did last time but the exchange rate might do me in again. It hasn’t been this good in 20 years so everyone is taking advantage and shopping in Europe.

If you are tall, you will love this Weekend Max Mara Coat I ordered for fall in NYC and Paris. It comes down to the floor on me so it’s at the tailor now. It’s double-faced wool but can be worn on colder days with layers underneath. It’s also incredibly soft. I almost wish I had seen the Max Mara Houndstooth Virgin Wool Coat first since it looks like the same exact fabric and it’s shorter and wouldn’t need hemmed but too late now. You can find more sizes here. I do feel like Max Mara runs larger than most European brands so double check the size chart and dimensions before ordering.

I was starting to get nervous about what I was going to wear on the overnight flight until I finally found these Soft Straight Sweater Pants in brown. The same fabric is available in a bunch of different matching styles. I personally don’t like a hoodie so I bought the Soft Crewneck Sweater to match the pants. You could wear a different sweater on top but a matching set looks more intensional and that you put some thought into what you were going to wear to fly. The pants come in four other colors but some of the matching pieces are available in more. The best part is that unlike cashmere, they can be washed instead of dryclean only.

My feet were swollen after my last few International flights so I wanted a shoe for the plane that would be comfortable and allow for any swelling. I was set on another option (I’ll fill you in below) but when I decided to wear the brown set on the flight, these Allbirds Wool Runners felt like a good option. I had a pair in charcoal grey that I used to wear to walk to Pilates and I can attest that they are insanely comfortable.

My carry-on tote will be this Khaite Osa Tote in burgundy. They don’t make it in this color anymore but you can find it online resale sites. It’s a great color and a good size but I wish it had a pocket instead of a pouch since it’s harder to find your keys this way.

I also bought the Soft Straight Sweater Pants and Soft Crewneck Sweater in black. I was going to wear the black to travel but then I decided on the brown. I’m going to keep the black for future travel.

If I was going to wear the black set, I would pair it with these black cashmere socks. I own them in grey and they are very cozy and soft. And they are currently on sale.

I bought these all black shearling Birkenstocks for my spring trip to Paris but ended up not wearing them. I would consider wearing them with the cashmere socks for the plane. The shearling Birkenstock Boston clogs are another option. I bought them and don’t think they are for me but they are the hot shoe of the fall.

I have the older and smaller version of this taupe Celine Phantom Cabas Tote Bag. The larger is now $600 less in Europe which doesn’t even include the exchange rate and VAT refund. It’s on my list of things I’m thinking of buying in Paris. Celine totes are the best bags for work and travel. I love a good taupe too. There is a great burgundy Chanel 19 Shopper that I have my eye on but I just don’t know if I can spend that much on a bag.

At the top of shopping list for Paris is the Max Mara Icon Coat. It’s half the price and only comes in grey in Europe. I probably should pack my heavy grey wool coat form Toteme for the trip but I don’t want to pack a coat in my suitcase for the trip home but I guess I could carry the new coat back in a garment bag.

You know how I feel about grey cashmere sweaters so I ordered this Cashmere Crewneck Sweater to have a fresh one for fall and Paris. It’s also available in five other colors.

I loved these grey flannel pants so much I bought two pair. They are unlined but super soft so you don’t have to worry about them being itchy. One reviewer said they ran big which is weird because I thought they ran small. I had to go up one size and have my tailor take in the waist. It’s worth it to me because it’s so hard to find reasonably priced grey trousers for winter.

When it’s really cold, I will wear these reversible grey/black tights under my pants. The fact that they are shapewear means they won’t fall down which is very annoying. If it’s chilly but not freezing, I wear these Falke Merino Wool Knee Socks. They also don’t fall down which is why I love them.

Chanel pricing is only slightly less in Euros than US Dollars so I have been trying to find these Chanel Tweed Slingbacks here to no avail. I have scouts on the case in different stores and countries but maybe I’ll get lucky and find them in Paris. They would be perfect for when I want to dress up my grey trousers and wear something other than sneakers for a fancier dinner. I’m undecided if I will take a dress of skirt on this trip.

I am debating if I want to take my black black Hermès Birkin Bag with Palladium hardware to Paris. It gets very heavy once you put things into it but it is very French. My vintage burgundy Kelly bag is a better color but it is too fragile to pack. Just a reminder, do not pack any expensive bags or other items in your checked luggage. Whatever I take will be packed in my carryon.

Of course, I will be packing my Heidi Wynne cashmere scarves.

I had been thinking about buying this Toteme Trench Coat for a while when I saw a girl wearing it in Ralph’s Coffee. I’m so glad I decided to pull the trigger. It’s such a great material and style. It’s currently at the tailor getting the sleeves hemmed and I can’t wait to get it back so I can finally wear it. I went down two sizes so double check the size chart and dimensions before ordering.

I wear a lot of navy in the summer but switch to grey in the fall and winter but I’m mixing things up now. I just ordered this navy Cashmere Crewneck Sweater to coordinate with the pants below.

These J.Crew Limited-edition Marie Marot X J.Crew trousers in navy Italian city wool just arrived. I love the fabric and the high waist but they are much wider in person than they appear in the photo. They are also unlined which is nice for when it’s not freezing cold. There is a matching blazer if you need a suit.

Every single time I say I’m not going to buy another pair of shoes, I break my promise to myself. I love wearing wool trousers and sneakers in the winter and especially when I travel to a walking city like Paris so I wanted options. I love the color of these taupe Margiela Replica leather and suede sneakers but they come in many other colors.

I will also be packing my Celine Small Bucket Cuir Triomphe in tan which is the perfect sized crossbody bag.

I lost my favorite lighter silk and cashmere scarf recently. I am afraid it might have accidentally made its way into one of the donation bags I sent to Housing Works. I was very sad but luckily I found one that looks nearly identical from Begg and Co. When it’s colder, I wear my Heidi Wynne Bela Scarf in the custom Habitually Chic color that I collaborated on with her. I already asked her if she can make lighter silk and cashmere scarves for summer.

I have a very old cashmere pom pom hat that perfectly coordinates with my Heidi Wynne Bela Scarf but it might be time for an upgrade. I was going to buy the Chunky Pure Cashmere Beanie Hat on the left but then I saw the Taupe 100% Cashmere Pom Pom Hat on the right from a vendor I’ve purchased from before. I have her Taupe 100% Cashmere Beret Hat and love it too but it doesn’t cover my ears as well if it’s really cold.

There is some debate about whether you shouldn’t wear a beret in Paris. I think it’s best if it’s knitted and not felted and you wear it relaxed and pushed back and not off to the side like Emily in Paris. I like to wear them when it’s misty and chilly and too much of a bother to use an umbrella.

I keep hearing stories about how there might not be as much heating oil in Europe this winter. Residents in France were already asked to lower their thermostats so I am packing this long-sleeve pajama set. It’s best to sleep in cooler temps but I think it’s also a good idea to pack socks and a sweater you can wear to bed just in case it’s really cold.

I’m staying in hotels on this trip but I’ve rented one apartment before that had south facing windows and stayed very cozy but there was another one where I couldn’t get warm because there was no heat. be prepared for anything.

I took two of my favorite umbrella to Paris this spring and it only rained for one hour during my entire month long stay. I highly doubt that will happen again so I’ll be packing another Balios Umbrella for this trip. I have one in every color because they are amazing quality at an even more amazing price.

I usually never lose anything but I think I left my compression socks on the plane to London this summer. I ordered a pack of 3 Pairs Copper Compression Socks this time in case that happens again. I hate socks but I know compression socks are important to prevent swelling so I will wear them.

I set aside samples and trial sizes of products for travel all year but if you need some great products for your next trip, I highly recommend Augustinus Bader Trial Size Edit. I love the Rich Cream and it’s the only thing that keeps my skin from getting dry in the winter.

I ordered this new Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask. I’ve been using it this week and I can’t say if it prevents wrinkles yet but it does stay on better than my plain silk eye mask. It also comes in black.

I’m sure you heard about the lost luggage catastrophe from this summer. Most of the issues happened at Heathrow and for people with connecting flights. If you are flying direct, you should not have any issues but I plan to add an Apple AirTag to all my luggage and bags just in case.

I only fly Air France to Paris and they have built in noise cancelling headphones but I also pack my AirPods in case I want to watch or listen to something in the airport. They always fall out so I have a Tapper 18K Gold Plated Rope Chain to keep from losing them. It’s a life saver and currently on sale. It’s also available in rose gold, silver, and black.

I just upgraded to the Apple iPhone 14Pro for the updated camera since it’s the only thing I use to take photos for the blog and Instagram. That also means I had to buy a new charging case. I much prefer a charging case to one of those chargers you have to hold separately.

I made a rookie mistake on my trip to London by only packing the three and six foot charging cables from this three pack and not the ten foot cord. The six foot just barely made it from the only plug near the bed so I could post my Instagram Stories and check my DMs from bed. I’ve already put a new pack in my suitcase for Paris.

I hope this post helps you plan what to pack for your own fall trip. I will try to put together another travel post of my tips and tricks and little things I pack closer to my departure date.

In the meantime, if you need more advice on Paris, you can always buy my Paris Guide that is also filled with travel advice, etiquette, and all the places you need to go in the City of Light.