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When I was in Boston recently, I made sure I reserved tickets to the Fabric of a Nation: American Quilt Stories exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts that highlights stories behind 300 years of American quilts. Even before that, I was thinking of putting together a post on quilted jackets and fashion so I then realized I could combine the two.

My friend Eleanor wore a short quilted jacket from Lindsey Berns on our trip to Nantucket last year that was so chic even one of our waiters complimented her on it. Bode is another fashion brand known for quilted fashions too and I even saw a few cute pieces at the 25th Street Flea Market this past weekend.

I put together some of my favorite quilted fashions with my favorite quilts from the exhibition to get you started. The accompanying exhibition catalog Fabric of a Nation: American Quilt Stories would make a great gift for the holidays.

Quilted jackets like this Quilted Patchwork Jacket look good with pants, jeans, or even over a dress.

Florence M. Cowden Peto, Pot of Flowers with Wild Geese, early 1950s

Dôen Sedona patchwork printed quilted organic cotton jacket

Bisa Butler, To God and Truth, 2019

Interior + The Vanguard patchwork quilted silk-satin jacket

Mrs. Cecil White, “Scenes of American Life”, about 1920

Ulla Johnson Elettra patchwork printed quilted cotton jacket

C. Winne, Crazy City, 1885

Dôen Tours quilted printed organic cotton jacket

Unidentified Maker, Quilt, 1830s

Moncler + JW Anderson hooded quilted down jacket

Tomie Nagano, Indigo Colour Mixture, 2004

Moncler + 1 JW Anderson Penbyrn belted quilted padded cotton-shell coat

Unidentified Maker, Whole Cloth Quilt, 1750-1800

Sea is another brand doing a lot of quilted pieces like this Helena belted quilted cotton coat.

I forgot to take a photo of the label for this quilt. I took photos of the exhibition for Instagram Stories and wasn’t initially planning to use them for a blog post so I apologize if some of them are not the best images.

Sea Gloucester quilted gingham cotton jacket

Unidentified Amish artist, Floating Bars, about 1940

Apiece Apart Elodie Reversible Quilted Cotton Jacket

Unidentified Maker, Album Quilt, 1847-50

Sea Sydney belted patchwork quilted cotton coat

Celestine Bacheller, Pictorial Crazy Quilt, about 1880

I really love the color and pattern of this Johnny Was Flora Quilted Velvet Coat.

Harriet Powers, Pictorial Quilt, 1895-98

Sea Sydney hooded patchwork quilted cotton jacket

Lillie Mae Pettway, Housetop, 12-block Variation, 1965

This Johnny Was Annika Quilted Patchwork Jacket is currently on sale.

Unidentified African American Maker, Double Wedding Ring, about 1940

Horror Vacui Natalie scalloped quilted printed cotton coat

Creola Bennett Pettway and Georgianna Bennet Pettway, Bricklayer or Courthouse Steps, about 1955

This Sea Floral-print patchwork cotton blanket would make a great gift for the holidays.

Rachel Carey George, Housetop, Half Log Cabin, 1935

Sea Floral-patchwork cotton cushion

Unidentified Maker, Carolina Lily, 1830-45

King’s Leap Quilt

Richard H. Rowley and Louise Rowley, A Century of Progress, 1933

Sea Sydney floral-print quilted patchwork cushion

Susan Hoffman, Coastline, 1975 – this was really amazing in person