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My Visit to Another Tomorrow

by habituallychic

09 . 15 . 21

I’ve posted about the fashion brand Another Tomorrow a few times but had yet to see it in person until yesterday. I had the pleasure of attending their Fall 2020 press preview and had a personal walk-through of the collection by founder Vanessa Barboni Hallik at their new store at 384 Bleecker Street. She founded the brand in January 2018, while on a sabbatical from her former career in emerging markets finance, with “the mission is to create a truly sustainable and compassionate company with a three-pronged approach of providing a foundational wardrobe of ethically and responsibly made clothing, education, and a platform for activism to amplify our collective voices.” It launched just before the pandelic began in 2020 and luckily weathered the storm.

Most of the time when you think of ethical and sustainable fashion, you think of something “hippie-dippie” but Another Tomorrow remains completely luxurious and chic while saving the environment. And while the designs may look minimal, there are details on many of them that keep them from looking to simple. All the fabrics are incredibly soft too.

The new store in the West Village also sustainable. According to a recent article on Vogue.com, “The floor is covered in a chic, slightly beachy material made from coconut husks; the wood screens were made by Studio Giancarlo Valle using Forest Stewardship Council-certified poplar and finished with a vegetable stain; and the midcentury couch and chairs were reupholstered in ivory linen from one of AT’s trusted mills, because Barboni Hallik couldn’t find new furniture that met her sustainability requirements.”

“I knew from the beginning that it would be important to have a store,” Barboni Hallik says, “and to create a space where people can really immerse themselves. We can build a community here around substance—not just around buying stuff.”  The Another Tomorrow store will host events and panels with women in the worlds of climate, art, and design later this fall.

One thing we discussed is that there is no longer a delineation between work and weekend wear. It all blends together seamlessly as you can see from this rack at Another Tomorrow.

Since it was a press preview, I wasn’t able to try on anything so I can’t wait to go back to the store. I really loved this Trench and that it is unlined for warmer rainy days.

Another Tomorrow does not use silk so this High Neck Blouse is made from sustainable viscose from an FSC-certified wood pulp sustainably sourced from Sweden. To be honest, silk blouses make me sweat a lot (sorry for the TMI) so I would be interested to try a viscose alternative.

I love the camel mixed with pale blue at Another Tomorrow.

Here is an example of a sweater detail that I never noticed online. It doesn’t look like this sweater is available to purchase on the website yet but you could call the Another Tomorrow store if you see something to check the launch date or put your name on a waitlist.

Another sweater detail. Right now, Another Tomorrow sizes range from 0-14 with the goal of expanding to size 22 next fall.

There is nothing I love more than a suit with sneakers like this Seamed Waist Jacket and Relaxed Wide Leg Pant. The jacket is also available in navy.

There are menswear details on the suiting including operable buttonholes.

I’m not sure I would have realized how great this Oversized Drawstring Coat was if I had just seen it online.

I love the interior details of the Oversized Drawstring Coat.

The back of the Oversized Drawstring Coat.

The Funnelneck Dress available in camel and black looks like a great fall workhorse dress.

This Gathered Blouse reminds me of the one Jennifer Aniston wears in The Morning Show. It’s also made from sustainable viscose.

The darker jewel tone and black pieces were also very chic.

Someone in the store was wearing this Magenta Double Breasted Jacket and I’m obsessed with the color. It’s such a great uplifting pop of color to wear after the year and a half we’ve all had. It’s also available in navy, black, and ice blue.

The Gathered Blouse is available in mageta to match the Magenta Double Breasted Jacket as well as five other colors.

It’s hard to tell in this photo but there is a curved seam that adds a great detail on the front of the Sleeveless Crewneck Dress. If high slits aren’t appropriate for your office, you can have your tailor sew it up.

This Belted A-line Skirt is made from recycled cashmere but feels extremely soft. It’s the perfect skirt to wear with knee high boots this fall and winter.

The black Tailored Coat is also made from recycled cashmere.

It doesn’t look like the grey pieces are online yet.

The Double Breasted Blazer also looks chic with jeans.

My favorite fashion motto, “simple, elegant, impeccable” comes from Sigourney Weaver’s character in Working Girl and this Oversized V-neck Sweater and everything at Another Tomorrow exemplifies that fashion advice.

Some of the black suiting is wrinkle-free which makes it perfect for business travel.

The Gathered Blouse in Cobalt.

There are still some lighter summery clothes in the Another Tomorrow store too.

A closer look at the books on the table.

Another Tomorrow also makes luxurious and sustainable tees and tanks in organic cotton.

The Another Tomorrow store also stocks some sustainable beauty products.

Just want to clarify that this post is not sponsored. It’s a PSA because I really love what Another Tomorrow is doing.

All store photos by me except for the last two store photos.