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WFH Outfit Inspiration from Jennifer Aniston’s Wardrobe on The Morning Show

by habituallychic

11 . 02 . 20

I wrote the post Outfits Inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s Wardrobe on The Morning Show almost exactly a year ago and I keep thinking about how much of what Jennifer’s character, Alex Levy, wears would be perfect for working from home. When I first posted about her outfits, I scoured the internet to find the exact pieces she wore which were often from high end designers like Max Mara and Valextra. This time, I’ve kept a few of the luxury splurge items but swapped out most of them with more affordable options. I wrote before that her clothes are a “great example of how to exude professionalism in the workplace even if everything is falling apart.” How apropos is that for our current climate?!

When we first see Jennifer Aniston’s character in The Morning Show, she’s waking up at 3:30am and getting ready for work as one of the anchors of a morning television news program. It’s funny how her beauty routine reminds me of the beginning of Mommie Dearest when Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford does the same. Because it’s chilly in New York and she doesn’t actually get dressed for the show until she arrives at the studio, she wears comfy clothes and sneakers while packing all her work essentials into a chic bag. I had one person ask me for an outfit that could work for Zoom meetings and walking the dog and I think this is perfect for both.

All of her coats on the show seem to be one of the Max Mara, Max Mara Studio, Max Mara Weekend, S Max Mara, or Theory but because it was filmed over a year ago, not everything she wore is still available. I love this wool-blend double-breasted coat as a splurge option and other less expensive options include this Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat, Slim Tailored Coat, Classic Camel Wool Topcoat.

This oversized wool and cashmere-blend sweater looks very similar to the one on the show and the Recycled Cashmere Crewneck Sweater is a less expensive option. You could always jazz it up for a Zoom call by wrapping a patterned silk scarf around your neck.

A crepe jogger pant would be comfortable for working at home all day.

Jennifer Aniston’s character carries the Valextra Brera Leather Top Handle Bag which is very luxurious brand. This large textured-leather tote is a much less expensive bag option.

I’m sure the Alex Levy character probably wear Common Projects Leather Sneakers but these white Essential Sneakers are just as chic and less expensive. These low top sneakers are also a great option.

This is my favorite look that Alex Levy wears to work on the second morning we see her. I love whoever styles the outfits and they way they tied the sweater around her neck like a scarf. We don’t actually see the bottom of her outfit so I took the liberty of picking out other pieces she might wear.

I love this neutral color for a coat. The original style is sold out but this Wool & Cashmere Trench Coat is a great alternative. There’s also a shorter Belted Wool Blend Jacket that’s a cross between a blazer and a coat.

You could wrap this brown Recycled Cashmere Crewneck Sweater around your neck like a scarf like Jennifer Aniston’s character or pair it with lounge pants or jeans.

Alex Levy would probably wear this white ribbed cotton top but the Slim Perfect Long Sleeve T-shirt is a much more reasonably priced version. It’s also available in 10 other colors.

You can only see a little bit of the top of her pants in the scene where she wear this outfit so I imagined that she might wear these wide leg sweater pants on her way to work. They’s also be perfect for working from home and are available in black and grey.

These grey flannel essential sneakers sold out when I posted them before but they have more sizes in stock now. They are the perfect comfortable shoe for fall.

We never see Jennifer Aniston’s bag with this outfit and before, I suggested she’d carry a leather tote bag to work. Now that everyone is working from home, I’d suggest wearing this saddle leather shoulder bag for running errands or walking the dog.

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses come in many different unisex styles for only $17.99.

This is the outfit that Alex Levy wear for a secret outing in the rain.

Of course, Alex wears a Burberry Trench Coat which is a classic style you’ll have forever but the Icon Trench is a less expensive option.

Even casual, Alex levy dresses chic so it’s no wonder she wears a black cashmere sweater and matching black jogger pants.

If a cashmere set is too expensive right now, I also like this grey waffle pullover with matching waffle jogger pants. The set is sold separately and is available in three other colors.

You could also wear the waffle jogger pants with a regular sweatshirt or cashmere sweater for Zoom calls.

You don’t see what shoes Alex Levy wears so I’d suggest these black Essential Sneakers.

These are two more on air outfits that are great work from home inspiration. It also looks like everything in her on air closet can be mixed and matched to make more options since it’s almost all shades of camel, gray, navy, and black.

“We worked with colors that we wouldn’t normally do with Jen: peanut and camel. We wanted most of her wardrobe to be monochromatic so that you didn’t have any lines breaking up her body, so that as a newscaster, there were no distractions. Instead of putting her in suits, we did trousers and sport coats. We wanted her to be sophisticated, but we also wanted her to be accessible and culturally appropriate.”

– Clare Hallworth, stylist and costume designer

Alex Levy wears a black tie neck blouse but this gold silk-satin jacquard blouse would be a better color for Zoom meetings.

These stretch-wool flared pants are a workhorse that could be paired with anything in your closet.

You can never go wrong with a grey cashmere sweater. I’d add a gold-plated cable necklace for Zoom calls.

These Italian stretch wool trousers are another great work pant. I bought these last year and had my tailor add belt loops.

Alex Levy wears black suede pumps but if you are working from home, I would suggest wearing these sherpa slippers instead.

The all grey outfit is the one that I already have in my closet. I love grey in the winter because it’s so much less harsh than all black. Jen and I have the same color hair so it’s a good color for both of us too.

I’ve never met a grey coat I didn’t like and this charcoal double-faced wool coat is calling my name. This other charcoal double-faced wool top coat is very similar and much less expensive.

I like this luxurious grey cashmere sweater but the Naadam cashmere sweater is only $75 if you’re looking for a deal.

 These slim Italian stretch wool cropped pants would look great with heels, flats, and sneakers.

This fringed cashmere scarf looks very similar to the one on the show and is very needed with the cold weather now. This cashmere scarf is similar but cheaper too.

Jennifer Aniston’s character wears some sort of loafer that I couldn’t see so I’d pair her grey outfit with these canvas slip-on sneakers but a more realistic option are these New Balance sneakers.

Jennifer Aniston’s character carries the Valextra Brera Leather Top Handle Bag with this outfit but this Valextra canvas and leather tote bag is a expensive option. A much cheaper option is this navy carryall tote.

The stylist for Jennifer Aniston on The Morning Show had a deal with Chopard to supply the watches. For the next season, I could see Alex Levy wearing the Hermès Apple Watch.

Because the Alex Levy character wears so many classic neutral pieces, it’s easy to mix and match everything in her wardrobe. The classic black pants can be paired with any blouse or sweater. Here are a few extras I’d add into your closet.

“Alex Levy lives in New York. She lives in an expensive apartment. She’s one of the top network journalists. She’s esteemed and probably the most intelligent person in the room. We wanted her clothes to look strong and precise. So, the tailoring alterations, the length of her shoe the length of her pants, the fit of her trouser. She was impeccably dressed. She was believable as someone at the top of her field.”

– Clare Hallworth, stylist and costume designer

I strangely don’t own a plain black coat but I think this Weekend Max Mara Coat would be a classic style I’d have for years to come and looks similar to the one Jen wears on the show.

Adding in different colored scarves can also change up your look in the winter. This is the camel version of the grey fringed cashmere scarf from an earlier outfit.

Everyone needs a parka in the winter too but I hate all the black puffer coats. Jennifer wears a similar version to this Water Resistant Long Parka with Faux Fur Trim which comes in three colors and is on sale right now.

If you want to splurge on one thing, Jennifer wears this exact Loro Piano Shell Jacket for a remote newscast in California. A less expensive option is the navy Perfect Rain Jacket which is 40% off plus additional 10% off with the code 25HOURS.

It looks like Jen’s character could be wearing the black and white striped Saint Laurent Cashmere Sweater but this navy and white striped Classic Sweater is a cheaper alternative.

Sleep and sleepwear play a large part of The Morning Show since the anchors have to get up at 3:30am so they are ready for the show to start at 7:00am. She wakes up to a view of the city which no morning anchor would ever do. She would have had electric black-out shade or worn an eye mask like this navy silk eye mask. She also uses eye patches and a jade face roller in the morning to deff puff and worries if she really has “passed her sell by date” for television.

The navy silk Eres pajamas she wears in one episode are sold out but this navy long-sleeve cotton pajama set is a less expensive option. I actually bought these pajamas for a trip this weekend because I have to share a hotel room with a friend.

In another episode she wears a matching lounge set of a robe and jogger pants. This Naked Cashmere Robe is very similar as are this pullover and joggers.

I think filming of season two of The Morning Show has been a little delayed due to the pandemic. I look forward to seeing how Jennifer Aniston’s character Alex Levy’s wardrobe evolves when the season finally airs.