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What I’m Wearing During Quarantine

by habituallychic

04 . 03 . 20

It has already begun to feel like Groundhog Day under quarantine and that’s probably because I keep wearing the same few outfits. I thought maybe I should rotate some new sweaters into the mix but no one is seeing me so I usually don’t bother. I might pull out some dresses later if this lasts until until gets warm but until then, this is what I’m wearing at home and on my few trips to the grocery store.

On a side note, the New Yorker posted some funny “messages from your radiator” on Instagram this past winter. Everyone knows New York apartments are notoriously hot and we spend most of the winter living with open windows. Someone commented that old radiators are so hot because during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-20, public health experts thought fresh air would help limit the spread of the disease. Buildings were built around radiators that could fully heat a building while all the windows were open a few inches. It’s very interesting that 100 years later, we’re living through another pandemic.

The radiator issue why I wear I can only wear light sweaters like this cashmere v-neck sweater inside unless it’s below 32 degrees outside. The sweater is currently on sale for $75 and comes in eight different colors.

I usually wear a grey ribbed tank top with my charcoal grey lounge pants at home due to the heat.

They don’t make my favorite grey cotton lounge pants from the Gap anymore but these black lounge pants are similar. They also come in blue. I also like these grey modal lounge pants and these classic pima pants.

I had my eye on the shearling Birkenstocks but didn’t think I’d wear them that much. Well, now I do so I bought the natural pair which should arrive tomorrow. They’re sold out but I love the navy shearling Birkenstocks too.

When I’m just working from home, I will still take a shower and do my hair but I don’t always wear make up. When I don’t, I slather my face with the Chanel Sublimage Masque which leaves my skin incredibly soft.

On days that I might have deliveries or have to do laundry in my building, I like to get dressed in real clothes which includes this pale grey cashmere crewneck sweater. It’s available in 12 different colors and is also on sale for $75.

I always wear a tee like this vintage cotton crewneck t-shirt. I don’t know why they no longer make it in a darker grey color.

As many people have pointed out, it’s good to wear jeans during quarantine to make sure you aren’t eating too much. I like these 9″ high-rise toothpick jeans for keeping me in check.

When I have to go downstairs in the elevator to get my mail or do my laundry, I prefer to wear real shoes which is usually a pair of snakeskin flats since they are easy to slip on and off. They are sold out but these metallic snakeskin flat loafers are chic and a great deal.

Since I’m always washing my hands more often than ever right now, I keep Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream in multiple places and in every bag.

On days when I have to venture to the grocery store or I want to take a walk, I dress a little warmer since it’s still a little chilly in New York. I love this charcoal grey cashmere boyfriend turtleneck sweater. A bought a fresh one since it went on sale for an even better price.

It’s cold enough that I still need to wear a Heattech crewneck long sleeve tee shirt under my sweaters when I go outside.

I prefer the darker color in these curvy toothpick jeans but they no longer make them so I make due with this wash.

I often wear my Zespa sneakers since they are the most broken in and all of their styles are 60% off now here. I also rotate and wear these New Balance sneakers and these Nike Daybreak sneakers.

When I go out, I always carry my Celine Phantom Tote which holds all my antibacterial wipes, gloves, and other necessities. This Classic Structured Leather Tote is a similar color and size.

This weekend, I plan to wash some of my cashmere sweaters and scarves with the Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo. It makes washing them easy and leaves a soft cedar smell to help repel moths.

It’s been very rainy and grey this spring so if I have to run out on those days, I wear my waterproof anorak. It’s currently 25% off too.

On rainy days, I love to wear black cashmere sweaters like this cashmere boyfriend turtleneck sweater.

When I workout at home or go out for a walk, I like this CloudKnit long sleeve t-shirt.

These Center Stage Leggings are perfect for working out and taking walks.

My go to sneaker choice is always these APL Women’s TechLoom Pro in black.

When I am sore from working out or need to relax, I always use the Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion.

Before the pandemic, I would change into my lounge pants in the evening and usually wear them to bed. Now that I’m wearing the lounge pants all day, I ordered some new nightgowns so I change into proper sleepwear at night. I love the simplicity of this Hanro cotton deluxe long tank gown. It’s also available here with 25% off discount.

I also just received this white cotton nightgown and realized that the blue version looks exactly like the one Reese Witherspoon wears in Little Fires Everywhere. On a side note, I could only get through one episode. I thought it was too overwrought and awful. I especially love white cotton nightgowns for summer.

If pajamas are more your speed, you can’t go wrong with this vintage pajama set. It’s 40% off right now too.

These fuzzy slippers could add a little pizzaz to pajamas, loungewear, or jeans.

Everyone is having trouble sleeping now and I take Natrol Melatonin Time Release Tablets to help me. They don’t always work but they definitely help.

Bon weekend.