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Bon Weekend: 14 September 2019

by habituallychic

09 . 14 . 19
Photo from the Union Square Greenmarket by me.

This post was supposed to go up yesterday but my internet had other ideas. Strangely enough, a technician from Spectrum was here on Wednesday and ran a new cable from the roof to my apartment to help my spotty wifi connection. On Thursday, my wifi and television went out completely and when another technician came to fix it today, he found that the line that had been cut. Either another utility came to the building and accidentally cut the wrong line or someone’s trying to sabotage my blogging career. Either way, we’re back in business.

During fashion week, I met the lovely Louise Roe at the newly opened Bar Pisellino on the corner of Grove Street and Seventh Avenue. The chic space is owned by the same Via Carota across the street will remind you of standing coffee bars in Italy on which it was inspired. It doesn’t have many seats inside but on sunny days you can sit at one of the numerous outdoor tables.

I haven’t been to the Shopbop Pop Up at 106 Spring Street yet but it looks very chic. It runs through 22 September 2019.

I also haven’t been to Farmacy that just opened up at 62 Spring Street. The farm to table restaurant is located in the Chefs Club Counter which is a pop up location for a revolving roster of restaurants. Farmacy was founded in London by Camilla Fayed who had health issues that prompted her to change her eating habits to clean and vegan. It will only be open until six months but I have a feeling that if it does well, they might open a permanent location.

If you happen to visit London this fall, make sure you check out the Manolo Blahnik Exhibition at The Wallace Collection. It’s already one of the most beautiful places in London so adding gorgeous shoes to the spaces is akin to gilding the lily. It runs until 27 October 2019.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I tried to read The Goldfinch multiple times and failed. I even had an advance copy and could never get through it. That’s why I decided to see The Goldfinch film on the opening day yesterday. It’s been getting mixed reviews but I liked it. I had many questions that probably would have been answered if I had read the book. Now that I know where the 784 pages were going, I might try to tackle it again. In general, I don’t think Ansel Elgot is a good actor but he’s fine as Theo Decker. I just wish Hollywood would stop casting him in movies.

A film that’s getting great reviews is Hustlers. Don’t be put off by the subject matter of stripers who steal from their rich male customers. It’s actually based on a true story that was featured in New York magazine. As I just read on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram account, it’s “a story of friendship, power, greed, and control”. Jennifer is actually getting Oscar buzz for her role so you know it’s got to be good.

Something that is very fun but quite a bit more high brow is the podcast, India Hicks and Lady P. I loved the Instagram videos that India Hicks would share of her mother Lady Pamela Mountbatten Hicks. Her amazing stories of India, the Queen, and even a mongoose are now available to on the podcast but I wish they’d start a YouTube channel next. She’s one of the most elegant women in the world and I love to see her. I think the podcast is on hiatus since Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas but definitely check to the first five episodes and then make a donation to help the residents of the devastated islands.

Not many of the anticipated interior design books have been released yet but Bill Cunningham on the Street is already a best seller. It’s filled with many never before seen photos and those on the street photos that was the inspiration for the street style photography craze to come.

I’ve been trying the new skincare line from Cle de Peau and so far I’m loving The Serum and Protective Fortifying Emulsion with SPF 22. I’ll report back on the results in a future post. I ended up not continuing with the night cream and returned to Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate and the original Advance Night Repair. I wake up with the most hydrated and plumped skin but the real test will be how it works when the heat comes on in a month or two.

The Dipyque City Candles are usually only available in the stores of their respective city but they can be purchased online until 16 September 2019. I love the Diptyque New York candle and just bought a new one for myself at the Madison Avenue store which also has all of the City Candles right now too.

I meant to include this Classic Houndstooth Girlfriend Blazer in my What to Wear to Work this Fall post and forgot. I think it’s a great style at a great price and the blue version is on sale.

Bon week-end!