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15 Fabulous Tote Bags for Fall

by habituallychic

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While I was at the Cabana Pop Up Party last week with my friend Young Huh, she announced that she was in need of a new tote bag for fall. Since we were at Bergdorf Goodman, I offered to go downstairs and help her find one. We kept bumping into people we knew at the party so we ran out of time to shop so I put together this post for her instead.

I always joke that the tote bag is to New York what the car is to Los Angeles. They hold our life. They need to fit a lap top, an extra pair of shoes, a water bottle, make up, workout clothes, and more while still looking professional. I also love them for traveling since they hold so much. I own a few Céline Phantom Cabas Tote Bags but I know they might be bit expensive so here are 15 tote bag options for every budget.

Top tote: Gaby Bag

Classic Structured Leather Tote comes in five colors and Classic Leather Tote comes in seven different colors.

Zoe Leather Tote – the bigger size makes it great for traveling
Shopper Large Textured Leather Tote is available in three colors and black
Day Market Tote comes in seven different colors.

Annie Leather Tote

Medium Textured Leather Tote also comes in two other color.

Harper Leather Tote is available in two other colors.

Transport Tote in English Saddle and is also available in black.

Annie Leather Tote

Love the grey plaid of the Brighton Tote but it also comes in two other colors.

Daily East/West Leather Tote also comes in three other colors and a great stripe.

Apron Textured Leather Tote

Day Market Tote also comes in six other colors.

If you want to splurge, I love this Gucci tiger large patent leather-trimmed suede tote.