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Tory Burch and Bunny Mellon on Antigua

by habituallychic

08 . 15 . 18

I remember attending a party for Tory Burch‘s first collection at Bergdorf Goodman in 2004 and it’s amazing to see how far she’s come with her fashions and her life. Her beautiful home on Antigua is featured in the new September 2018 issue of Vogue which is worth picking up for it alone. The property on the Mill Reef Club had sat empty for 20 years before Tory fell in love with it and decided to bring it back to life. Unlike the Mellon townhouse on East 70th Street that was completely gut renovated by its new owners and a designer I shall not name, Daniel Romualdez made minor and “thoughtfully considered” updates that look original to the H.Page Cross designed pavilions. As Tory states in the article, “how do you perfect someone’s taste when that person has perfect taste?” Miranda Brooks brought the landscaping back to life also in the spirit of Bunny who was an avid gardener. I’ve paired the new photos Tory’s house by Francois Halard with the old real estate listing photos to illustrate how it compares to Bunny’s. They both look pretty perfect to me.

To read the entire story and find credits, pick up the September 2018 issue of Vogue or click here.

First photo is of Tory’s living room and this is a detail of the same room from Instagram. It looks like quite a lot of the furniture was bought with the house.

Bunny Mellon’s living room.

A detail from Tory Burch.

A real estate listing photo from Bunny Mellon.

Tory Burch’s library with fabric from Dek Tillett that looks the same as the original in Bunny’s library below.

A view into Bunny Mellon’s library.

Tory Burch’s master bedroom.

Bunny Mellon’s bedroom. Funny story about those Longchamp posters. They were the second to last item in the Sotheby’s auction in 2014. They estimate was $200-400. I submitted a high bid of $1500 and got a funny look from the auction assistant when I submitted it to her. They ended up selling her $30,000. It still makes me laugh.

Tory on the bay view balcony outside the bedroom.

A famous photo of Bunny on the same balcony.

Another view of the balcony and bay.

Another bedroom in Bunny’s house with her famous painted floors.

A photo from Tory’s Instagram.

Another Bunny Mellon bedroom.

And yet another Bunny Mellon guest bedroom.

The entry in Tory’s house.

A view of Bunny Mellon’s entry with painted floors.

I think this is Bunny’s pool house but it could just be a wing of the house.

Bunny in the room seen above.

Another view of the same room above.

Tory Burch’s pool house with a table set with her products.

An old real estate photo.

A view of the renovated slat house and garden by Miranda Brooks.

Tory in the slat house.

An old real estate photo of the slat house.

Inner courtyard reflecting pool as seen in Vogue.

Another old real estate photo.

Hubert de Givenchy who was a frequent guest of Bunny Mellon and her designer of choice. Balenciaga actually walked Bunny to Givenchy’s atelier when he decided to retire and told her that Givenchy would dress her going forward.

Another view of Bunny’s terrace.

A view of how it looks now from Vogue.

A look at Tory’s pool with furniture upholstered in pink fabric from Majorca.

Tory on the same wicker furniture.

An old view of the pool from the real estate photos.

Another pic of Tory by the pool from Instagram.

Miranda Brooks landscape design seen in Vogue.

An old real estate photo of the amazing view.

Tory taking in the view.

New Photos by Francois Halard and old real estate listing photos.