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The Sheiling

by habituallychic

07 . 03 . 18

There is nothing I love more than looking at real estate listings while traveling. I passed quite a few houses on Nantucket that I later realized were for sale. One was a famous brick home at 93 Main Street and another was a charming, albeit expensive, cottage at 8 Old North Wharf. I didn’t pass this one at 41 Ocean Avenue called The Shieling, while in Sconset but it gives the most bang for your buck. The owners who are tech friends of Bill Gates had originally been trying to sell 40, 41, and 43 Ocean Avenue together for over $20 Million but have now split them up. This home has been completely renovated by architect Lyman Perry and decorated by interior designer Debra Blair using many traditional Nantucket elements like lightship baskets, nautical motifs, Victorian sailors wool pictures, and the owner’s own blue and white porcelain. I’m surprised the real estate agent did have them take some of it out for the real estate photos. The better images are from Debra Blair’s website. While it has everything you could want in a beach house including a pool and an entrance to the beach across the street, the best thing is that it’s not on the Sconset Bluff Walk. You won’t have anyone traipsing through your yard every day but you will have to come up with $13,850,000 for the privacy. Happy Fourth of July!