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What I Bought Myself for Christmas

by habituallychic

12 . 15 . 17

I was going to post one last gift guide today but honestly, I’m all gift guided out. I thought it might be fun to post what I’ve bought myself for Christmas instead. I just read that approximately 60% of people admit to self gifting so I’m glad I’m not alone. I hope my gifts to myself will help you finish off your holiday shopping or maybe you’ll find something to buy yourself too.

This J.Crew Perfect Parka might be the death of me. I ordered the green version on Cyber Monday but UPS lost it. I had to get them to send me another one. Now I’m having them send me the black parka in one size larger. Then I’ll decide which one to keep. I’m tempted to keep both but my coat closet won’t allow me.  I’ve mentioned before that I needed a parka. I’ve tried a bunch but decided the J.Crew Parka was the best value that doesn’t make me look like the kid in A Christmas Story.

I honestly don’t need any more grey sweaters but that doesn’t stop me from buying them. I picked up the charcoal grey and black $100 Everlane Cashmere Sweaters last week at their new store. Buy your regular size if you want it fitted and one size up if you want it a little more relaxed.

My favorite “comfortable but still appropriate for most situations” outfit is a cashmere sweater, wide leg pants, and sneakers. Usually grey of course. One pair I bought is a little too wide so I just bought these J.Crew wide-leg pleated pant in stretch wool. My only concern is that seem unlined so they can’t be worn on freezing cold days like today.

I own these Zespa sneakers in white which I bought in Paris. They are usually the ones I wear with the wide leg pants. I bought a black pair over Thanksgiving and I’m glad I did because they are already sold out. They come in a few different colors and style but I really love the Zespa Grey Perforated Suede Sneakers because I love anything grey.

It’s absolutely arctic in New York right now so I’m really glad I bought these Polartec Sculptek Tights. They are perfect for running outside or just running errands.

I’ve bought a few things from Sézane recently and my best advice is that if you even remotely like something, buy it because it will sell out if you hesitate. One black top with lace I bought is already gone. I was very lucky to get this Sézane Hella Jumper with lace inset in black. It also came in green but that was sold out before I even knew it existed.

I also bought this Sézane Jane Shirt. I really wish it came in black too.

I was in need of a flat boot and I’m so glad I found these Low Tristan Boots. I bought black but I really love the camel color too.

I need another candle like I need a hole in the head but that doesn’t stop me from buying more. I fell in love with the scent of this Large Mathilde Candle and had to have it. I really wanted the small size but they were sold out. The larger size will make a good vase when it’s burned down so it wasn’t all for nothing.

I love my large Celine tote bags. They are great for trips and running errands but sometimes I want a go out with a smaller bag. I already have this Cuyana Small Hobo Bag in caramel with the custom caramel/blush strap and love wearing it cross body in the winter so I can put my hands in my pockets. I love it so much that I decided to get the Small Hobo Bag in black with the custom embossed snake and leather strap. It comes with a thin strap but I think it looks chicer with the wider custom strap. My friend jokingly refers to it as the “clown car bag” because it fits so much stuff inside.

I don’t own this Cuyana Structured Leather Box yet but that’s only because I just saw it online today. It’s perfect for stationery, jewelry, trinkets, and whatnot. It would make a great gift with another gift tucked inside.

After seeing how great the new iPhone X photos look in portrait mode, I decided to upgrade. Definitely put it on your last minute Hanukkah or Christmas list.

I don’t know why Apple didn’t have charging cases ready to buy when the iPhone X was released. The battery is supposed to last longer but I still need a charging case for traveling. I bought this one to use until an Apple one is available. I also bought this “Goyard” iPhone Case. They sell hundreds of different iPhone Cases on their site and they would also make a great gift.

This is the weirdest but most amazing thing I bought recently. I sleep with my AC fan on at night to drown out the sound of the city. That means I can’t sleep in completely silent places like hotels. The LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker with Fan Sounds, White Noise, and Ocean Sounds for Sleep and Sound Masking is my new favorite gadget. It can not only help you sleep but it’s also a bluetooth speaker and the small size is perfect for throwing in your suitcase. Think of it as a BabyShusher for adults.

Hope Santa buys you wonderful gifts this year but if he doesn’t, you can always buy them for yourself.

Bon week-end !



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  1. primadarling.com December 15, 2017 | 2:50 pm

    Great suggestions, I’ve been looking for just the right iPhone case, the Goyard is perfect! Happy Christmas!

  2. Mary Kay Tannebring December 15, 2017 | 2:51 pm

    Hi Heather. Do you wear the wide leg trousers as long as they show on the J Crew site – actually touching the ground? Or do you shorten them a bit more?

    • habituallychic December 15, 2017 | 3:32 pm

      Mine are maybe a tiny bit shorter than they look in the photo. They actually do look best almost touching the ground. I had a pair of grey flannel pants from Everlane last year that I had hemmed too short and they didn’t look as good as when you leave them long. I got caught in the snow today wearing my wider pair and they did’t get wet on the bottom but I definitely wouldn’t wear them in the rain like I did in Savannah. Hope this helps!