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Victoria Beckham Beauty

by habituallychic

10 . 13 . 17

I’ve been wanting to try Victoria Beckham Beauty since it debuted because I thought it looked very chic and intriguing. I finally got my hands on some products this week and while I knew I would like them, I wasn’t expecting to love them.

It’s easy to write off celebrity beauty lines but what I realized after watching Victoria Beckham beauty videos online is that she really knows her stuff. She’s been having her make up done for more than 20 years so it’s clear she’s learned a thing or two. Celebrities are photographed and taped weekly, if not daily, so they really understand highlighter and how to accentuate their best features. “I love to make women feel like the best version of themselves,” said of the new line.

All of this means that Victoria Beckham Beauty really lives up to all the hype. Below are my reviews of the products I tried and my honest assessments. I’ve also included a few other products I think you might also like that I want to try next.

Morning Aura Illuminating Cream – Even though the name says “Morning Aura”, I first tried this cream that is billed as “part moisturizer, part brightening primer” at about 9:00pm. I applied it over what was left of my makeup from the day on one side of my face and the difference was astonishing. It made my skin glow and made me look much more alive at the end of the day. This product is obviously great to use in the morning but I also think it could be just the pick me up you need for going out after work to revive your makeup for the evening.
Cheek Crème in Blonde Mink – I specifically asked to try products that were more neutral and this cream blush is a bit like a mix of bronzer and blush. Victoria applies it to her cheeks but also applies a little down the bridge of her nose and a little on her chin to mimic where the sun would hit your face. The texture is very luxurious and it lasts a long time on the skin.
Eye Foil in Burnt Anise – This was the product that I thought I wouldn’t like but I ended up loving this liquid shadow. I applied it very lightly and love the pale grey color it created for eye shadow. If you apply it thicker, I think you will see more of the metallic quality and can create a smokier eye. I can honestly say that it also lasted all day each time I used it.

Lash Ink Mascara in Blackest – I have a love/hate relationship with mascara. Every brand I’ve ever tried ends up smudged. It’s one of the reasons that I get my lashes tinted every few weeks so I don’t have to wear any. I tried Victoria’s Lash Ink and expected to be disappointed but I really loved this product too. I love the skinny brush which lets you apply it vertically to get the roots. I wore it all week and it never smudged and removed easily at the end of the day. I’m a huge fan now.

Matte Lipstick in Black Cassis – This lipstick is part of the Paris Collection which is my favorite. It’s matte which is not my favorite look so if you want to wear it matte, I recommend using a lip pencil to create definition first. But the matte quality also acts a bit like a lip stain. I applied it lightly and then added my favorite lipgloss over it to create a little sheen. I loved the color and it lasted a decent amount of time. If you apply it thicker, it will be very dark and a great color for evening.

Lip Pencil in Victoria – This looks like a great universal lip pencil in “a soft nude-brown shade that’s inspired by Victoria’s signature look” to define your lips.

Aura Gloss in Honey – If you want to add a gloss over the matte lipsticks, this Aura Gloss is perfect. You can also “wear it over makeup as a spotlight for the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and lips, or on bare skin to impart an ethereal glow.”
Bronzer in Java Sun – I love the cream blush so I’d really like to try the powder bronzer next.

Skin Perfecting Powder – “Silky and lightweight, this finely milled translucent powder instantly blurs pores and imperfections. The subtle yellow undertones will brighten all complexions.” Would love to see if this really blurs pores and imperfections in real life.
Eye Matte Duo – Noir and Vanille – “Dramatic and impactful, this graphic eye duo in black and nude is the epitome of Parisian chic.” What I realized from some of the other products is that they may look dark but you can apply them lightly for a more sheer look. This looks like the perfect palette for day to night eye shadow.

On a side note, Victoria Beckham swears by Weleda Skin Food for her body and she’s actually the reason I started using it too. It’s one of my favorite body lotions. Because of the consistency, you can’t use it on wet skin. It creates a lovely sheen that makes it great to use on your arms and legs during the day but you can also use it before bed to let it sink in over night. Both Victoria and I wish it came in bigger sizes because it’s just that amazing.

Bon weekend !