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Style Icon Isabelle Huppert

by habituallychic

02 . 28 . 17

This awards season was probably the first time many Americans have heard of Isabelle Huppert. The 63 year old French actress made her debut in 1971 and has been nominated for awards since 1975. I was lucky enough to be invited to a press screening of her recent film Elle for which she earned all those new award nominations. It was a very French film that wasn’t worried about offending audiences or making you think. It was a role that many actresses turned down but not the brave Isabelle who also starred in La Pianiste (The Piano Teacher) which was the inspiration for the film Black Swan.

I also appreciate the very chic French style of Isabelle Huppert. She doesn’t follow all those rules that society creates for older women. She wears jeans and leather jackets as well as tailored suits and flowing gowns. She worked with the French house of Chloe for a few of her award dresses and wore Armani to the Oscars. But as you can see from the older photos of her, she has been stylish her whole life. I guess this is why all those books on the style secrets of French women exist.

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