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Sézane: From Paris with Love

by habituallychic

01 . 24 . 17

I’ve had Paris and the French fashion brand Sézane on the brain lately. The haute couture shows are going on in Paris right now which is making me want to book a trip. I haven’t been back since last March and I’m over due for a visit. One of the places I forgot to go during my last trip was the Sézane apartment. I just read that it’s closed until April so I’ll have to plan my travel around their reopening. One of my friends has their Claude Messenger Bag which I always love when I see it on her. When I went on the Sézane site to look at it, I noticed that their winter lookbook was photographed in my favorite One Fine Stay apartment on rue de Varenne. While the Sézane apartment is closed, you can pick up a coffee, book, and bag at La Librairie at 3 rue Saint Fiacre. If anyone needs me today, I’ll be checking out flights on Air France
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