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The Crown

by habituallychic

11 . 03 . 16

All Netflix series should begin when it’s colder so you feel less guilty about staying inside to watch them. That’s why I’m excited the newest and apparently most expensive Netflix production to date, The Crown, begins tomorrow. The first season of 10 episodes of a reported five seasons to dramatize the life and loves of the British Royal Family takes place in the 1950’s. It follows Elizabeth, played by Claire Foy, as she marries, Philip Mountbatten, played by Matt Smith, and ascends the thrown after the death of her father King George VI. Rounding out the cast is Vanessa Kirby who plays the life of the party Princess Margaret and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. Needless to day, the costumes and sets will be lavish as would be fitting for a Queen with historic castles and English country houses. If you get an out of office message from me on November 4th, it’s because I’ll be at home binge watching The Crown
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