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French Country Cooking

by habituallychic

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Mimi Thorisson’s first book A Kitchen in France wasn’t just a cook book. It was a view into a life in the countryside of France that could not be farther from the one most city dwellers in this country live. It was born out of her blog Manger that highlights the beautiful seasonal produce that is available in France and her large family who often assist her in the kitchen.

Her second book French Country Cooking was just released a few weeks ago and continues along that same vein but also chronicles her family’s move into a new home in St. Yzans in the Medoc region. The house had previously belong to Plantia Pautard and her family who opened a hotel and restaurant. It is her recipe for tarte tatin that opens the book as a tribute. Mimi also created a pop up restaurant in the house which also seems like a fitting tribute to the original mistress of the house.

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, I can’t think of a better thing to do that attempt some french country cooking.
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