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10 . 26 . 16

This month, the innovative company, LG, unveiled its LG SIGNATURE brand products during a week of events that included an exclusive red carpet gala at the LG SIGNATURE Gallery in New York City’s Rockefeller Center.

LG SIGNATURE is LG Electronics’ most premium brand for home appliances and home entertainment products including washing machines, a sleek refrigerator, a television, and air purifier. All of the products combine the best of LG’s cutting-edge technology and world-class design with exquisite attention to detail for today’s most discerning consumers. You can check out the full range of products here.

While I missed the gala event, I did get a chance to meet American painter, Caio Fonseca, who spoke with me and other attendees at the LG SIGNATURE Gallery on October 9th. He talked about the painting he created for the LG SIGNATURE documentary which played on the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV in the gallery and outside on the gallery walls. He also provided tips for achieving optimum air quality to preserve art in the home, including using the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier. You can now purify the air in your own home to remove particulates such as dust to create an atmosphere comparable to an art gallery.

Art collectors sometimes spend a lot of money on art works and probably don’t even think that the air in their homes could be affecting their paintings. I know that in New York, we have issues with city dirt and construction dust that would make it a great place to use the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier. I definitely want one for my own apartment now.
Renowned San Francisco chef, Dominique Crenn, and the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator that you can open with your foot using a sensor.
You can also tap the outside of LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator to see the contents without opening the door.
Another look inside the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator.
Fashion Designer, Phillip Lim, and the LG SIGNATURE Washer.
Artist, Caio Fonseca, and LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier that helps remove dust from your home and cleans the air for a more optimal environment for art.
LG SIGNATURE Washer and the painting created by Caio Fonseca.
Artist, Ciao Fonseca, in front of the painting he created for the LG SIGNATURE documentary.
Artist, Ciao Fonseca, being interviewed in front of the documentary shown on the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV.
The LG SIGNATURE Gallery at Rockefeller Center.

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