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In the Trenches

by habituallychic

10 . 03 . 16

The fashion flock is in the home stretch of fashion month in Paris right now. While they are enjoying bright blue skies in the City of Light, it feels like we’ve been experiencing grey skies and rain for the last week. Perfect time to pull out your favorite trench coat. If you need a new one, here are a few fashion week street style pics and trench coat options to help you out.

One of my favorite people on Instagram Stories is Michael Carl @carlscrush from Vanity Fair. Most of his Stories star his colleague Jessica Diehl Poynter, the Fashion & Style Director. I loved her trench coat which has a better sleeve detail on the other side and her Celine bag so I’m glad one of the street style photographers captured her look above.
Balenciaga Trench
trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-003 trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-004
Saint Laurent Trench
trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-005 trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-006
Alexander Wang Trench Coat
trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-007 trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-008
Burberry Trench Coat
trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-009 trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-010
APC Trench Coat
trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-011 trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-012
Maggie Marilyn Trench Coat
trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-013 trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-014
The Row Loreno Trench Coat
Eva Chen, the head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram, wearing Proenza Schouler.
I look at this white Barneys New York Trench every time I’m in the store.  I think I might have to bite the bullet this week.
I love these lavender Nike Sneakers as much as the trench coat. I can’t find the exact style but this Nike Air Max Thea is close.
Club Monaco Farrah Trench Coat
Gary Pepper Girl blogger Nicole Warne is wearing Camilla and Marc in Paris.
Burberry Silk Trench
trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-021 trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-022
Nina Ricci Trench Coat
trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-023 trench-coats-fashion-week-street-style-2016-habituallychic-024
Victoria Beckham Gabardine Trench Coat