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Chance in Mexico

by habituallychic

05 . 04 . 16

Since Julia Leach moved to California, I haven’t seen her so it was a treat to see her two days in a row last week. One was to see the preview for her new Mexico inspired Chance capsule collection that launches on Cinqo de Mayo. Julia’s love of Mexico began in the 1970’s when she first traveled to the country with her family and continues to this day with trips with friends.“For me, it’s less about the artisanal visual and cultural references that we know, and more about the sea and the jungle and the natural beauty.” This inspiration led to tie dye striped tees, feathered straw hats, and pom pom embellished beach bags among other items. They are the perfect pieces to add to your summer wardrobe and to wear while sipping a margarita. Olé.

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