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Gilt Trip

by habituallychic

02 . 01 . 16

Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-001
I enjoy traveling but not the packing and mad dash to finish work before leaving. While I take care of all those last minute details, I leave you with this beautiful home of Plume Voyage magazine editor Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea. The Haussmann apartment in Paris was featured in Cote Maison and has gorgeous gilt boiseries and and an enviable art collection. I appreciate that the family home doesn’t look too precious. It also makes me excited for my trip to Paris in one month.
Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-002 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-003 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-004 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-005 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-006 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-007 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-008 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-009 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-010 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-011 Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea-paris-apartment-habituallychic-012