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Andy Spade at Auction

by habituallychic

01 . 24 . 16

andy spade-paddle8-auction-habituallychic-001
If you’re still trapped at home due to the blizzard and have already exhausted all your usual online shopping sites, I suggest you check out Any Spade’s auction on Paddle8. He and Kate have sold their Southampton home and have decided to sell some of the contents instead of storing them. “I don’t like not displaying works, so I’m trying to get them out into the world.” It’s too bad the Snowman Kit isn’t available right now since it would be perfect for weather but you have 9 more days to bid on everything, including the Jean-Michel Basquiat work on paper which is the star of the show. The auction is also an excuse to look at the Spades Pre-War apartment designed by Steven Sclaroff. The art filled entry hall is still one of my all time favorite rooms but the entire apartment looks classic and modern.  A great combination.
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