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Mad About Maury

by habituallychic

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The last two weeks have been filled with holiday parties and events. There is none more chic than the party given each year by John Demsey, Group President of the Estee Lauder Companies, at his townhouse. While at his party Tuesday night, I noticed a very chic looking older gentleman on the other side of the room.  I asked a few friends who he was but no one could remember.  When he stepped closer to my group, I decided to make conversation.  Turns out he was Maury Hopson, celebrity hair stylist to Elizabeth Taylor and many others. Even more fun is that he was just featured in The New York Times so now I know his whole life story. I could not be more impressed or inspired and I look forward to reading his memoir when it’s released. But the moral of my story is that you should never be scared or nervous to talk to someone new at a party.  You never who they might turn out to be or what stories they might have to tell!
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