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Green is Good: Paris Edition

by habituallychic

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I cleaned out more stacks of magazines this weekend. This included the sacrilegious task of getting rid of old issues of World of Interiors.  If I had the room, I’d keep them forever but it’s much easier to refer to the back issues online where they take up no space in ones apartment.

In the November 2012 issue, I came across this gorgeous green apartment of KK Auchincloss on the Place des Etats-Unis in the 16th arrondissement. The life long lover of Paris thought about no longer spending time in her favorite city after selling her old Paris apartment. But she ended up moving into this first floor flat underneath the apartment of one of her friends. It only took a month to decorate reusing pieces from her previous London apartment that look right at home in Paris.

I’m clearly not throwing this issue away. Enjoy.
kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-002 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-003 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-004 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-005 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-006 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-007 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-008 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-009 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-010 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-011 kk-auchincloss-paris-habituallychic-012
Photos by Fritz von der Schulenburg