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Instagram Chic: Alessandro Michele

by habituallychic

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One of the most beautiful Instagram accounts I’ve come across recently is that of Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, @lallo25. None of his photos are captioned but as we know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Many images are of his homes as well as his extensive collection of antiques and vintage fabrics that often find their way into his fashions.

“I’m very inspired from the past. I’m not interested in the future—it doesn’t exist yet—but I’m really interested in the past and the contemporary. My apartment is full of antique pieces, but I put everything together like a modern installation.”

He shares an apartment in Rome and a house two hours outside the city with his partner Giovanni Attili, an urban-planning professor, who is charged with keeping the collections curated instead of cluttered. Collections that include “chairs, miniature portraits, Meissen porcelain pugs, Viennese painted birds, and more feathered birds twittering away in Georgian gilded-cage musical boxes.” Just some of the things that make his Instagram account so visually stunning and why I love it so much.
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