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Fabulous Florence

by habituallychic

10 . 04 . 15

After being unplugged for a few days, I’m back in business in Florence. Before I highlight a few of the things I’ve done so far, I do want to address my last post. I think there comes a time on every traveler’s journey where they lose their “stuff” so to speak.  My time came in Rome. I let the wifi issue slide in Venice because I don’t think you can expect things to run smoothly in a city built on water. I decided to truly be on vacation in Venice. But this isn’t a two week vacation as a whole.  I am working while away and I needed to get things done in Rome.  Not to mention the fact that not having wifi has pushed me well past my international data package with AT&T.

I also mentioned the hotel in a previous post so I wanted to address my experience because I would feel terrible if someone stayed there and had a similar or worse experience and blamed me.  Many of you have already mentioned that you are planning Italy trips and are looking to me for advice and I take my recommendations very seriously. Another friend also had an unfortunate hotel experience in Rome. She ended up checking into the Hotel de Russie which seemed to be everyone’s suggestion for where to stay in Rome along with JK Place Roma.

While most of you understood my situation and were very sympathetic and sent helpful suggestions, one reader sent me an email taking me to task on the post and told me to “get a grip.” She then followed it up this morning with a email that made numerous disparaging comments about my appearance and anything else about me she could think of to insult. The most disturbing thing is that a quick email search led to the discovery that she works in education. I read recently that bullying is a learned behavior and I warn all of you to carefully consider the things you say in front of children whether they are yours or not.

There are many tactful ways to express your disagreement or a difference of opinion, but making derogatory comments about someone’s appearance, something that had nothing to do with the subject of the post, is just disgraceful. If you want to read my earlier thoughts on this topic, go back and read my post He Who Seeks Beauty.

Speaking of beauty, I arrived in Florence and hit the ground running because the weather was gorgeous and I knew it was supposed to rain today.
I checked into my frescoed suite at Palazzo Galletti with working wifi and promptly left to walk around the city. (I will warn you though that the hotel doesn’t have an elevator so please take that into consideration if you are thinking of booking a stay.)
I walked across the Ponte Vecchio still throbbing with tourists and admired vintage jewels in the window of Giovanni Melli.
I was lucky enough to find myself outside of Gelato Santa Trinita which was recommended by several people. I have been walking on average 7-9 miles each day in Italy so I am allowed to indulge a little.
I stopped into the original Flair store which took my breath away with its beauty. I love the juxtaposition of modern furnishings in such a historic setting.
I’m so happy I decided to stop into Pineider for stationery since I was quickly informed that much was 80% off. I would have bought it all if I had more room left in my suitcase.
I also took a peek into JK Place Hotel which is just as beautiful as the photos. I actually ate dinner at their outdoor area because I didn’t make a reservation at the other place I wanted to eat. It was wonderful and they could not have been nicer.
I also visited the famous Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella which is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. It was founded by Dominican friars shortly after 1221.
I bought some wonderful scented soaps for gifts and marveled at the frescoes.
It was nice to walk around later in the day when the crowds have dissipated.
My hotel is behind the Duomo so if I can see the dome, I know I am on the right path. I hope all of take what I said above to heart and chose the right path today too.

All photos by me via iPhone 6.