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Paris in the Spring at Ralph Lauren

by habituallychic

09 . 17 . 15

My final show each fashion week is Ralph Lauren.  I like to think of it as saving the best for last and it always ends the week on a high note. While the red, white, and blue color palette might seem all American, the lyrics that played while Mr. Lauren took his bow was “I love Paris in the spring.” It was a chic love affair with Breton strips and nautical touches but it also reminded me of the palette at the famous Ralph’s restaurant in Paris. It’s making me even more excited for my upcoming trip to the City of Light in October and maybe a spring trip too.

N.B. Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I have a lot of work projects going on behind the scenes and fashion week is always a crazy time.
ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-002 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-003 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-004 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-005 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-006 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-007 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-008 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-009
ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-010ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-011 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-012 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-013 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-014 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-015 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-017 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-018 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-019 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-020 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-021 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-022 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-023 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-024 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-025 ralph-lauren-spring-summer-2016-habituallychic-026
Runway photos via Vogue.com, restaurant photos via Ralph Lauren, and photo of Mr. Lauren taken by me at the show.