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Green is Good

by habituallychic

07 . 23 . 15

As I mentioned, I’m getting ready for an exciting photo shoot of my apartment. I’ve been trying to make some changes so it won’t be boring for you.  I’ve also been looking back at some of my favorite interiors for inspiration. I’ve posted Cameron Kimber‘s old home in Sydney before but it still looks so good to me.  I love how all the antiques and gilt framed art pop off the white walls and makes each piece look special. I also love how the color green weaves its way through the home. Green is already represented a little bit in my own apartment and now I’m trying to incorporate more. I also have a million magazines to throw away before the shoot so I better get back to work.
cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-002 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-003 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-004 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-005 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-007 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-008 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-009 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-010 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-011 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-012 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-013 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-014 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-015 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-016 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-017 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-018 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-019 cameron-kimber-sydney-house-habituallychic-020