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Bon Weekend: Bar Edition

by habituallychic

07 . 17 . 15

I posted this photo of my bar on Instagram and had a lot of questions about where to find some of the items. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some bar building ideas on the blog because it’s five o’clock somewhere.

The glass tortoise ice bucket in my photo is from Aero Studios but they no longer sell it in the store. I found one that looks identical here.
I looked at a lot of trays in a lot of stores but the best looking one I found was the Beachgrass Tray from Aerin.
The small green hand made wine glasses are from Aero Studios and they are still available for purchase online and in the store.  Another great alternative are these rope glasses that come in a bunch of great colors.
The Blue Ocean Waves Bowl holding the limes is from Pearl River Mart. I hear the store may have to move due to rising rent rates so you may want to stop by soon.

My limes are real but I love these faux limes.  They make a great prop for styling photo shoots.
I always judge a cocktail party by whether they offer a real linen cocktail napkin or a paper one. It’s actually more eco-friendly to buy cloth cocktail napkins and wash them in between uses than throw away paper napkins.
My vintage brass anchor bottle opener with hidden corkscrew was found at the Brocante de la rue de Bretagne in Paris but this Anchor Bottle Opener looks quite close.
The painting in the background is another favorite flea market find but this Sunset Painting is a great alternative.

Cheers and bon week-end !