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Spectacular Summer House

by habituallychic

06 . 21 . 15

One of the most amazing old homes in Sag Harbor is the Hannibal French House on Main Street. It was built in 1834 but redesigned and enlarged in 1860 by “one of the more illustrious whaling and ship owning families” according to the Sag Harbor Historical Society. The elaborate Italianate home was also restored by more recent owners before being sold to its current owners in 2006 for one of the highest prices ever paid in Sag Harbor. Not only is the home beautiful but the landscaping perfectly complements the house and shields the back yard from the prying eyes of lookie loos like me. Although I did peek through the pergola gate while I was walking up the path from the Custom House which sits next to the property.  While it is a private home that is not open to the public, Luxist did post some of the real estate photos when it was up for sale. You can see interior photos and the back yard pool here. The Hannibal French House has gone to the top of my dream house list and I bet it will be at the top of yours after you see the photos. Happy Summer!
hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-002 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-003 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-004 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-005 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-006 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-007 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-008 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-009 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-010 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-011 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-012 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-013 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-014 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-015 hannibal-french-house-sag-harbor-2015-habitually-chic-016
Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic.

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