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La Double J

by habituallychic

06 . 30 . 15

I’m planning a trip to Italy this autumn which is just one of the reasons I love following J.J. Martin and her site La Double J. It highlights her vintage clothing and accessories for sale but also some of the chicest women of Milan. One that caught my attention recently was a feature on Pupi Solari and her home that overlooks the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazia which relates back to my post on the Museo Vigna di Leonardo. I especially love the bookshelves and dining room color.

The 89 year old Solari opened her first shop in 1969 and has been dressing multiple generations of children since then.  It sounds like she’s the Dottie Doolittle of Milan but unlike the famous San Francisco shop, Pupi Solari she also sells clothing for adult men and women. She’s apparently very intimidating so I’m going to start practicing my Italian now so I can shop her chic stores.
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